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  1. This is currently pending on a local trade that is supposed to happen tomorrow.
  2. Hey Allan, maybe! I'll do a little more research on it while I field a few other offers as well. Thanks, I'll let you know.
  3. Anything with the word "Unique" in the title should by law have pictures.
  4. Not really interested in a compressor right now, thanks anyway.
  5. Trade the pedal tuner for a Korg DT1-Pro rackmount tuner? http://www.iuvonet.com/john/korg/korgtuner.jpg
  6. Should've traded me. I'm trying to sell my Korg rackmount in order to get a pedal tuner. Oh the humanity How's about instead of selling it, you trade me for something fun like a digitech metal master! Or maybe a Blues Driver. You know you want to so bad.
  7. Not really interested in that Carvin, thanks anyway though. I wouldn't be opposed to more bass gear, but it'd have to something pretty phenomenal as I've already got my dream head, and the only cabinet I want right now is a Bergantino 610.
  8. Hey everyone, I recently picked up this Digitech Metal Master in a trade, it was kind of a throw in to get equal value. I play indie rock, so a Metal Master is pretty much the opposite of what I need. I can take pictures if you want, but it's pretty much mint condition and comes with the orginal box and manual. It's actually a pretty cool pedal, the morph feature makes it fun to mess around with. If I had all the pedals I wanted in the world, I'd keep this for fun, but I'd rather trade it or sell it for something I need more right now. I'll sell it for $50 shipped to the US. But I'd much rather trade it for another effect pedal. I'm new to pedals, so I have a big want list, I'm sure we can work something out, so let me know what you've got. Specifically I would like one of these kinds of pedals: Volume, tuner, wah, tremolo, phaser, chorus. But I'm open to something else if you've got something cool, I'd rather have something that is not a drive pedal though (I've got a tube screamer, blues driver, and a boss ds-1 already). Thanks!
  9. No more rackmount, still need a TU-2 though.
  10. I think I need a pedal tuner. I only have experience with the Boss TU-2 and it was very positive, so I'd like one, but I'm open to other types, let me know what you've got. I've got some other effect pedals I could maybe throw into the trade mix as well. Let me know what you've got, folks. Thanks!
  11. Yeah, when we were trading I mentioned the buckle rash, and he lifted up his shirt to show off a gigantic one. No wonder it's scratched up.
  12. This is GONE! Sold in a local sale. Thanks guys!
  13. Price drop to $150! And pictures:
  14. Everyone I've played with that uses a volume pedal uses it to clean up their tone, and most all of them play with the Ernie Ball. When you're using a single channel amp, it's a lifesaver. I know another guy who used an EQ pedal as a cut to clean up his jcm800, but other than that, mostly the EB volume pedals.
  15. For bass: Sunn 300T (got that one, at least) Orange AD-200 Ampeg Vintage SVT Mesa/Boogie 400+ For guitar: Marhsall JCM800 Orange OR80 Fender Super Reverb (non RI) Hiwatt Custom 50
  16. In order of arrival, in the last three weeks: Peavey Classic 50 2x12 Washburn WI64-DL Gibson SG Classic (which I might want to sell now, PM me if interested) Samick FA-2 All of them used, thank you Craigslist for destroying my chance of paying off my credit card this summer. I'm still in the gear acquisition mindset right now as well, trying to move a crate 4x12 for some other gear, and I'm picking up various pedals along the way. Sorry for the stock photos, I didn't really want to set all my stuff up for pictures just yet. I will later, I promise.
  17. If you get back to this search, I've got a black Gibson SG Classic (with the P-90's). Came to me in a trade for a bass cabinet, and I don't really need to have this nice of a guitar (I have two other knockoffs with good quality) since I'm more of a bass player. The guitar has some scratches and two chips in the paint, but playability wise it's perfect. They're $1000 new, I could give you a good price if you're interested in trying out P-90's (they're very cool pups, btw). PM me if interested.
  18. Well I bought this from a friend and I absolutely have no need for it. It's been sitting around for a little while. Great little 4x12, weighs just over 50lb. I have pictures if you e-mail me, it's in pretty much flawless condition except that it's missing the front "Crate" logo. I don't want to ship this, not really worth it for the price you'd be paying anyway, so local pickup (or we could work out a mileage system for delivery) in the Chicago area. Price has been dropped to $150, but I'll still look at offers. I am definitely interested in trades as well. Anything you can think of, I just might be interested. Guitars, basses, amps, pedals, microphones, etc. I'm a gear-a-holic. PM me here or email me: john @ iuvonet . com Thanks!
  19. Good luck on your search. The Sunn 300T is a beast. I've always wanted the Orange 200B as well. Ah well, gotta start saving up.
  20. This cab is GONE. Thanks!
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