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  1. I purchased the exact same guitar (which is an American Deluxe, by the way), same year, same color...everything, as new old stock at a local shop last year for $1100. New these are $1249 street and I don't think there have been any changes at all to this model since 2004. This is a killer deal. Not sure why these sit around... I guess the HSS just isn't very popular, but with the S-1 button, I'm not sure you could find a more versatile guitar.
  2. I'm just getting into the whole pedal addiction and fuzz is next on the list. Probably gonna pick up a used Big Muff. Is the little Big Muff identical except for the size of the casing? No tonal/performance/component difference?
  3. Throwing up a prayer here... I'm looking for a used Martin GC-MMV with an ebony fretboard (no rosewood). Doesn't have to be dead mint, but not too beat up either. Can't have any issues that affect the sound/playability. The kicker here is that I'll need to run the transaction through eBay with the seller putting up a BuyItNow auction that I would then purchase from. The reason being I can pay no interest til '09 using my eBay mastercard. Please keep in mind eBay/paypal fees and shipping in your asking price. Thanks!
  4. Odd, my 2005 Am Deluxe has the S-1 and MOP fretmarkers as well... but mine also has the LSR roller nut, while this one has the bone nut. Never seen that color either. She's pretty. Free bump.
  5. Bad cop stories are the ones that SHOULD be told. Why should they get any extra attention for simply doing their jobs? Did you go to the manager of Wal-mart to heap praise on the last cashier who correctly scanned your stuff? Are you more likely to report negative or positive experiences with folks who are working for you? Why should it be remarkable that someone is simply doing the job they are paid to do? The police are public SERVANTS, not masters. IOW...they work for us. The ones that seem to think otherwise are the ones that should be catching hell. As for the "risk" they would be taking to plant evidence....how easy do you think it is to prove police corruption, exactly? Especially when there are folks out there who seem to to think that the police are generally the honest ones? It's hard to convict a cop of anything, even murder, long as they have that badge that folks are conditioned to respect over all else, like the mindless pavlovian puppies that most are. You're honestly comparing a cashier at Walmart to a cop who has to wear a bullet proof vest and carry a handgun to stay alive? "Simply doing their jobs" means risking their lives on a daily basis and getting paid equal or lesser than a garbage man. "Simply doing their jobs" keeps each and every one of our lives "normal". I believe that deserves respect and appreciation. Instead, they're treated like "servants" i.e. treated like {censored} every single day, while being required to maintain an authoritative figure to ensure their own safety. I would make a wild guess that you'd then respond with "well no one forced them to do it", which you'd be entirely correct with, but that doesn't change the fact that they are out there saving lives and keeping society civil when no one else will. They certainly aren't in it for the money. Many of them, at least starting out, just want to do something with their lives to make a difference. Some of them do it for the power trip and those are the ones who make a bad name for the rest with good intentions. Any decent sized police department will have a rigorous psychological evaluation, including polygraphs, to try and screen that type of person out. The ones that have the job get to them after they've become cops are the ones that need to be weeded out and usually are. Personally, if it wouldn't leave us with a massive lack of manpower on all police departments due to lack of applicants, I would be all for a maximum length of service... maybe 10 years at most one person can be a cop before forced retirement. Everything about the job leads toward a cop becoming jaded and loathing the average citizen due to seeing the worst in humanity that our society has to offer day in and day out. There are a few that manage to still treat people with respect for their entire career, but the odds are heavily stacked against them. It's a flawed system at best, but there's no better option. You're mighty idealistic to think that cops are worried about being caught up in their bull{censored}. Most think they're above the law, and thanks for complacent, uneducated citezens, they're right, most of the time. Most cops are afraid of reprimand if their department regulates them. This is exactly the reason people tell stories of cops "straightening up" when you threaten to take their badge number and report them. If their department doesn't keep them in check when reported, that's the city's fault and ultimately the responsibility of the mayor, sheriff or whoever the elected official at the top is. Cops like to eat and keep a roof over their kids' heads just like anyone else. For instance, here in Indy, if a cop is reported for speeding too many times, they have their take home car taken away. At the same time, if they run at the speed limit on the highway, there's a massive backup of people behind them afraid to pass them... they call it a parade. These are all people pissed off that the cop is there on the highway slowing them down. If they speed, they get reported and eventually lose their car. If they don't, there are dozens and dozens of people pissed off at them. Either way, people are pissed off at them. Some speed anyway and they end up losing their car. Then they eventually get it back and they no longer speed in their city car. Then new cops who haven't had theirs taken away join the force and repeat the same cycle, so there's always some speeding. This is just one example, a petty example, of how cops can't win, no matter what they do.
  6. Put yourself in the shoes of most cops, the good and the bad. Everything good the ethical ones do goes unnoticed and everything the bad ones do is a story someone tells all their friends, who tell all their friends, who posts on a message board about guitars, who tell their friends, etc. I would also point out the nature of the job and the inherant mind {censored}ing it brings. To SURVIVE, not figuratively, but literally survive an entire career as a cop, you MUST be an authoritative, demanding figure. Other than our bosses, who else is an authority in our adult lives? Point blank... cops can tell us what to do and we have to go along with what they say. How well do you think most people react to that on a daily basis, day in and day out? Another point was briefly discussed earlier in this thread and that is accountability, along with the risk and reward of a cop's actions from minute to minute. When you think a cop is abusing their power or screwing you over, keep in mind that doing so risks their entire career, income, etc. Due to the nature of people resisting authority figures in general, most people will file a complaint that will go on the officer's record. Enough complaints and they will be reprimanded and eventually fired. Why would that cop plant weed in your car to {censored} you over at the risk of losing his job or, worse, going to jail? What benefit does he receive from doing so? Always, always ask yourself why would this benefit the cop and what will happen to him if he's in the wrong. That being said, when you're pulled over next time for speeding... remember that you're improper lane change, your expired plate, your cracked windshield, your brake light that's out or any other number of ticketable offenses are being overlooked. If you give them {censored}, they can and probably will throw the book at you at which point, even if you file a complaint, they were completely in the right and nothing will come of it. You have two choices once pulled over: A) be respectful and hope for a warning or B) be a dick, give them {censored} and most likely get more tickets. Seems like a no brainer to me. Last, when listening to stories about cops, believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. There is almost always more to the story. If it doesn't sound like it makes any sense (random kid has guitars confiscated for no reason), it probably didn't go down that way. There were probably other factors that gave them probable cause. A cop knows what unlawful seizure is better than any of us here short of an attorney. They live it. Why would they risk their job by seizing it if they had no reason to believe it was stolen? All of that being said, there is no excuse for cops who DO abuse their power or act in the wrong. If you feel you've been wronged, file a complaint. If it turns out they really did do something illegal, then they will be punished for doing so just as you would for doing something illegal.
  7. Just sold my Keeley BD-2, liked my stock one better- great pedal, go for it Keeley's website has clips of their BD-2 mods, but is there somewhere that has a clip of a stock BD-2 and a Keeley BD-2 to compare?
  8. There was a whole story arc involving the "dark seekers" that a lot of people missed or maybe i'm imagining all of it. The following is all spoiler so stop reading now if you haven't seen it. The part where Neville traps one of them (turns out to be a female), a male sticks his head out of the dark building and into the light, burning himself in a rage. Later on, what seemed to be the same guy that burned himself ends up setting the same trap for Neville, then shows up again at the end after tracking him back to his house. It seems like that one male dark seeker "leads" the rest of his army in attacking Neville's house, then eventually is the one who pins him in the plexiglass room. Inside the plexiglass room with Neville (and the lady and her daughter) is the female dark seeker he trapped. The male goes nuts and throws himself into the plexiglass trying to break it. It could be taken that he was trying to get to his "female" or that he was just hungry. All of this flies in the face of Neville's statement that the dark seekers have completely lost any humanistic behavior. This all tied in with all the backstory of Neville's family, doing anything for his family, losing his family, the rage he experienced from that loss, etc. There's loads of irony in Neville's rage ultimately bringing about his personal destruction (killing himself) simultaneously with the dark seeker dying in the same instant trying to get to his female. All just a theory but definitely made the movie more interesting if it was true. I agree that it was a fantastic movie that wrapped up entirely too quickly. I wasn't expecting it to end when it did, but then again it made it even more surprising. If nothing else, it put the issue of genetic engineering in front of tens of millions of movie goers. Scary doesn't even begin to describe it. It's really completely uncharted, unpredictable territory and who's to say something like this couldn't really happen. Maybe not turn everyone into vampire/zombies, but why couldn't it turn horribly wrong into something we can't foresee?
  9. Tried this over in the amp forum a couple of days ago but didn't get any responses. I'm all new to electric guitars, so bear with my newbie questions here. Gotta learn somewhere right? I'm looking to expand or improve on the effects that my AD30VT supposedly is weak on. First purchase will probably be a Wah pedal, but then I got to looking at floor boards with the wah pedal included. Next would be a distortion pedal. If I understand correctly, the AD30VT converts the analog signal from the guitar to digital for the pre-amp and effects, then converts back to analog with the valve and sends it to the tube power amp, right? So, if the signal is already being converted A -> D -> A, would there be any benefit at all in sticking with analog effects pedals? Or would a digital effects box (like a POD) sound just as good? Where do effects boxes like the Vox VC-12 that have a tube in them fit in there? If the VC-12 is modeling amps and providing multiple effects, they have to be partially digital, right? I'm not performing in front of anyone, but I don't want to short myself and spend a bunch of money on a digital effects box like a FloorPOD if separate analog pedals would sound better. Eventually I will upgrade from the AD30VT hybrid tube amp to a pure tube amp, but that's going to be quite a while from now. However, I hate buying things that will just end up getting upgraded down the road anyway, so I don't mind spending more on separate analog boxes now if they're going to help out now or down the road. Thanks for any help!
  10. Yikes! Wrong forum. Disregard please.
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