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  1. Looking to sell my Epiphone Wilshire Reissue in Worn Black finish. Its in great condition and barely played. Looking for $250 Shipped and I will include a Digitech RP90 FREE
  2. Fender Blues Junior 15 Watt tube amp. Like new still has tags hanging on them and plastic over the logo. Need it out of here before im off to college. Want $250 shipped.
  3. Need money for college. Fender Blues Junior 15 Watt Tube Amp -Like new still has tags hanging on it and plastic over fender tag. Havent played much guitar so hasn't seen much use. looking for $300 Shipped OBO
  4. I am looking to by a bridge, tail piece, and tuners(the kind with screws on top and bottom) for a Les Paul style guitar.
  5. So after a while I have decided to take guitar seriously and play songs with chords. For my first one I want to to learn "Voodoo Lady" by Ween. Ive been trying to get the strumming pattern by ear but for the life of me cant figure it out. Can someone please help nudge me in the right direction? Here is the tab I am using: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/w/ween/voodoo_lady_tab.htm Heres the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJVLR9lyopg
  6. Bump. Not looking to trade either sorry. Still asking $525.
  7. Price lowered to $525 Shipped. As low as I go.
  8. It is a great guitar I just dont play that much any more and thats why im letting her go.
  9. MIJ Fender Telecaster with Bigsby. I have upgraded the pickups to Dimazrio Fast Tracks but will send the originals along with it as well. Its in great condition. I had to widen the pick-up cavities a tad to allow room for the new pick-ups but of course cant be seen and I did it well enough to the point you cant really tell. I also had to widen the pick-up holes on the pickguard. It has one minor dent on the back and minor scratches but nothing very noticeable. Stays in tune beautifully. Im looking to get $525 shipped. Comes With Hardshell case, cord, Tuner, and Ibanez T7 Tube screamer.
  10. Im blessed where I live most of the time they will do a set-up for free right in front of you. For other maintenance stuff there prices are so reasonable you feel you should put in some extra for the guys.
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