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  1. Ebay spam priced to move: Line 6 M13 Xotic EP-Booster Since its on the bay I will be accepting no trades. Trying to fund a snaxfx .
  2. Boss DD20 $150 shipped CONUS. About 3 months old in like new condition with box and manuals. Xotic EP Booster $100 shipped CONUS. 2 months old. Like new condition with box. ebay member blackstallion1969 for reference. If you are interested I can email you pictures or I may just put some up here when I don't feel lazy. Paypal only pls.
  3. I have a like new Digitech RP500 up on ebay. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110510251978 . $200 BIN w/ Paypal and I will throw in a pair of Sony Studio Headphones as well (if you use the Buy It Now).
  4. maybe a 2-stage phaser that is not another phase 45 clone/update? What about a 12 stage phaser that had the option of only using 2 of the stages (or 4 or 12)? Add the option of using enveloping and an expression out?
  5. What are two sought after but different wah pedals? I am thinking we can fit two circuits on one pcb (wah circuits are very basic). Right now I am looking at original cry baby, colorsound, vox clyde mccoy, vox 847 and maestro.
  6. I fell asleep last night thinking about trying to find someone to build a custom slapback delay unit. This would be a one-trick-pony, designed to only do the job of being an auxiliary delay for slapback. No more than 200 ms of delay needed, one knob to control that speed. An internal trimpot for the mix, set it and forget it. No control for regeneration needed, it would be one repeat only, but if you could have an internal trimmer for multiple repeats I guess that would be fine. I don't know any thing much about building pedals, so I don't know if it requires extra 'stuff' to create multiple repeats, etc. The most important thing in this pedal is size. I would want it to fit in a Catalinbread mini pedal sized enclosure like the Serrano Picoso boost. Assuming that is even possible to fit a super basic delay curcuit in a box this size. Who's up for the task? If you're building I'm buying! I may even post a separate thread about this. this is getting added to the list as I like the idea. We are going to start with some of the more less populated pedal areas. I am designing the multi-Input expression pedal as I type this and next will be a wah. If we can get the circuit small enough (we etch our own pcbs) we might be able to get two wah types in one pedal with a switch to choose between them and and range (q) knob. Any other ideas for the wah? After that we are going to give the sample rate and digital stutter a shot and see if we can make anything work. From there we are going to move into more tradition pedals with our ideas mixed in. One thing that I think will be common on what we build is expression outs. I have been pouring over the internet looking at a way of designing a digital pitch shifter with expression out for pedal pitch. There are affordable DSP chips that will do it but I have no experience with building them or using the addons that are required for designing the effect. Neither of us are coders so we may have to bring in a third person if it comes to that. Not a big deal Texas A&M has a great computer science division so we should be able to find someone interested in the digital audio field. There is a schematic for a digital reverb that uses the FV-1 chip that we will probably do as a test. That dsp does pitch shifting. Anywho, keep the ideas coming.
  7. The delay thing, I don't care what others think. A delay where you can choose between chorus, vibe, phaser octaver etc would be dam cool. Do the effects just effect the delay repeats? cause that would be great. If so, a switch to put the effect on just the repeats or the dry signal before it gets delayed would be really cool. Failing that, a really nice delay with an fx loop that allows you to put effect on the delay repeats only would go down really well with me. Same for reverb. Gotta love those modulated delays 'n' verbs. In my mind I pictured the modulation to only be on the delays. I've been looking at some dsp (yeah I know the dreaded digital word) chips for a RV3 digital delay clone I dream of doing and there seem to be a few that can do chorus/vibrato/flanger/pitchshift and delay all on one chip for an affordable price. Most of the budget ones from Texas Instruments run 40-60 bucks a pop per chip but I know there are a few others from other companies that are as low as $17 per chip (spin-semi FV-1, AL3101). Wonder if we could lay out the analog delay with an effects loop attached to a dsp chip that allowed users simple controls over a certain digital effect. You could use a separate foot switch (on the pedal) to turn modulation on and off. Would be one hell of a build (and expensive to boot) but damn it kind of gives me a chub just thinking about it. Hell I even found a place that has small lcds for around 20 bucks each. Better stop me before I get carried away. Honestly the whole dsp chip market is kind of encouraging when you think about it. It is getting so cheap to make procs and the like that pretty soon you might start seeing some seriously high tech boutique gear. Google miss parker for an interesting idea on a DSP pedal or just check this link. http://www.axoris.be/AL3101.php
  8. Sample rate reducer Could you give an explanation of a use for that? Sounds like something that would be used with a phrase looper.
  9. I know there is a metric crap ton of boosters out there but has anyone done an upgraded clone of the dod fx10 bi fet preamp? It is by far my favorite booster (and I have played through A LOT).
  10. Tri-Fuzz: Sounds possible, although I'm not sure adding a tube will do much. And as much as I absolutley think expression pedal jacks should be mandatory on modulation pedals, I don't think one on a fuzz would see much use, unless it did some crazy Fuzz Factory noise. 50 stage phaser: Analog is desirable, as is the expression jack, although 50 stages sounds utterly insane. I don't think there'd be a point after 8 or 10. Add an option to disable the phasing so you can use the LFO as a Tremolo. Then make the Tremolo sound sweet. Same with the wah I recommended. Stereo looper with warp function: I don't get what this does, but people seem interested. Analog delay with modulation and enveloping: Adding all those modulations sounds really impractical. You mean, basically, an analog multi FX? It won't fly, people want to pick and choose their tones and not be tied to a single pedal. Unless you mean some sort of Poly Chorus thing, but you'd have to build on it, improve it in some drastic way. Flanger: Flangers aren't done much because there isn't much desire for them these days. I can't think of too many boards with Flange on them here. An ADA clone would be pretty sweet though. Look out, BYOC has some sort of Super Flanger on the horizon. Amps: That sounds like {censored} we've all seen before. If your going to do classic amps, make it a really cheap DIY kit, or take something like a Marshall JMC 800 and cut it down to 20 watts. Hey thanks for the advice!! Yeah I totally didn't know the 50 stage phaser thing was a joke. We have made a 10 stage phaser and I was like what the hell lets just do it times 5 and see what happens lol. But after hearing your idea I like it more(phasing disable to a lfo tremolo). Maybe find a way to allow you to switch between 2, 4 and 10 stage phasing. Add the expression out and some nice tonal shaping characteristics and could be fun. I know there are some 20+ stage phasers, I just need to do more research. Yeah on further review the delay does seem a little, how should I say, extravagant. Although i must say having delays be an octave higher would be really cool. So u think cutting out most of the modulation or all of it? The envelope mode is here to stay though . As for the amps they are sort of an eventual goal. They are very expensive to build and a mess to design. But someday.....
  11. Pitch shifter like a whammy that also does; Intelligent harmonies Has a blend knob True bypass This is something I really really would love to make but I am not sure if we have the resources to do so. Pitch shifting seems like a really difficult style of pedal to pull off well. But who knows, maybe we can get lucky. Keep the ideas coming they are all really good.
  12. Somebody has done those three fuzzes in a small box, I forget who though. They don't make it anymore though, so you'll have the market to yourself. As it turns out, they're all based on the same concept, so it shouldn't be too hard. If they actually nail the sounds of all three, I think you could sell a lot. I say a really sweet boutique wah is in order, there aren't too many of those. It should have a variety of controls, the ability to switch into an auto wah, and an LFO option, where the pedal would control either the depth or speed of the LFO. Also, a Space Station clone is also in order, but I think that's a bit beyond your means right now. I have looked into wahs a little and the cost of making them can sometimes out way any profit. This is really due to the actual foot pedal. Anything with a foot pedal is going to be more expensive to build. We are looking into it though since there really isn't much competition. We did some brainstorming today and I think we are going to put the amp aside for a bit and focus getting some interesting pedals out. What we have in mind right now is (feel free to add suggestions): Tri-Fuzz: Smaller than CC (possibly single pedal size but taller). It would contain our own versions of a fuzz face, big muff and tonebender. We are also tossing around some ideas for including a tube or maybe allowing a footpedal to control gain or tone. 50 stage phaser: Complete with feedback loop and mix, rate, bias nobs. We are also toying around with the idea of adding foot controller compatibility for this one. We also intend on trying some weird stuff to see what we can get out of the circuit. What is more desirable all analog or digital? Stereo looper with warp function: as discussed earlier in this thread. Stereo ins and stereo outs with a stereo true bypass effects loop. A volume pot for each input and out put and the ability to take and analog signal and make it stereo and then warp two separate effects together back to a mono output. Analog delay with modulation and enveloping. Thinking about having chorus/vibrato, flange, phase and octaver (delays that have added octaves) as the modulations (we are talking a massive delay pedal here). Envelope delay would be a mode you could select. Flanger: I don't see many flangers on the market so this would be modeled after the old MXR M117 plus any mods and ideas we can cook up on our own. After that we want to build a 15w british combo amp, 50w british preamp and 50w American preamp. (modeled after guess what). Any other ideas?
  13. i would pay good money if someone could take just the looper section of an akai headrush e2 and mount it in a smaller, standard box. Not familiar with this pedal. I assume this is a phrase looper and not just a true bypass or effects loop for the effect (is it a distortion?)?
  14. Like the Double Muff, for example? Yeah but you get to pick whatever pedals you want to mix. Whether that be fuzzes, distortions, pre-amps, phasers, pitchshifters or a combination of different ones. The possibilities would be endless for some mindless noise making errr tone creating .
  15. You would need two switches. One at the input and one at the output. The input switch would be for stereo input or mono input. The output switch would be for stereo output or mono output. The possible signal paths would be as follows: Mono input---> split to stereo (using mono setting)---> stereo pedals----> Stereo output (using stereo setting) Stereo input---> Stereo Pedals (using stereo setting)--->stereo output (using stereo setting) Mono input ---> split to stereo (using mono setting) ---> 2 different effect chains---> converge two chains to mono (using mono/warp setting)--->mono output Mono input ---> split to stereo (using mono setting) ---> 2 different effect chains---> Stereo output (using stereo setting) Would not be able to mesh the two chains though. Stereo input---> 2 different fx chains (stereo setting)---> Stereo output (stereo setting)
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