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  1. Keeley TS-9 (Baked or TS 808 mod - sorry, I can't remember which ) $55 shipped to CONUS Keeley BD-2 (Tube Tone & Phat switch) $55 shipped to CONUS HBE Germania Treble Booster (perfect cond.)$105 shipped to CONUS Banzai Cold Fusion (good cond.) $195 shipped to CONUS ***If anyone wants all four pedals, $325 shipped to CONUS*** If interested in any of these pedals, contact me at willowshade@comcast.net for more info. Thanks, Bobby Pumphrey Winchester, Virginia
  2. Hi Bigmark...I was wondering if the Flashback comes with an AC adapter...Thanks!
  3. masterofnone

    WTB Crate Amp

    Hello, I have two V32 1 x 12 combos....They are both USA models and sound great. I may be up for selling one of them soon if you are interested. I will keep an eye on your post and let you know if I decide to sell. In the mean time good luck. These, as you know, are incredible amps!!!! Good Luck, Bobby P.
  4. Bump for a beautiful amp, incredible price, and a heck of a nice guy!
  5. PMed replied to PM....Thanks!
  6. Beautiful Strat! If I could just sell my Bassman, I would be all over this! Free bump for the Rosewood Strat...
  7. Bump for a trip down Memory Lane. My very first electric was a 1981 Vantage VP795. Looks very much like yours. Love the weight, finish and build quality. I hope I never have to sell mine. Sorry you have to let yours go.
  8. ....a great amp at a very good price. This Fender is in excellent, basically mint condition. I don't think I will go much lower. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks.
  9. is it the earlier reissue or the LTD? Hello - This is the earlier reissue, not the LTD. Thanks!
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