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  1. I have been playing for 20 years and have a lot of different flavors of amps Bogner carvin ETC. I have nothing bad to say about this amplifier IT IS JUST SICK. I would buy a second one in a heartbeat. Just kills other amps in it's class
  2. the remind me of KMD amps horrible.
  3. got a classic vibe tele for christ. incredible tinted neck playes just beatiful nice low action and takes:thu: pounding 50's klunson tuners alinco III pickups worth twice the money
  4. I used to own a 362 any opinions on the sonic stomp?
  5. wtb: a carvin mts 3200 master tube series head please pm me if there anyone who would like to unload one thanks in advance!
  6. gtrplr71

    Laney GH50L

    pick this one up at 650 only one I can find in atx,sa,ho http://austin.craigslist.org/msg/308383892.html
  7. gtrplr71

    Laney GH50L

    pfft. apparently you don't look everyday. I've seen two in austin. one for 300 one for 350. There is even one on another forum site for $350 I cannot get ahold of the guy though http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=306305&highlight=laney+gh50l this should shut him up here you go get this one! sale-308383892@craigslist.org 650$
  8. All I see right on bay is 60 and 120's .
  9. I know its a long shot but I really want one of the crate blue voodoo 50h heads if anybody has one let me know! thanks
  10. gtrplr71

    Laney GH50L

    Well,i am sorry. The thing is, i had seen two in just my area (houston/austin) one for 300 one for 350. I looked on ebay and saw the one that had the BIN for 598.and kept it on watch and i didn't see it sell for a few days, so i figured they had been asking too much for it. So i just figured 300-400 would be the standard price for one used. Sorry for the misunderstanding. BULL{censored}! I look everyday in austin and houston CL Whatever:mad:
  11. I'm kinda thinking of buying a valveking.
  12. for sale 2 custom guitar stands awesome flame stands 40.00 each. make your guitar stand out and get noticed.
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