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  1. Most companies do not recommend USPS for reasons such as these. UPS FTW. Yeah? I've had a guitar run over by a UPS truck (tire marks visible, etc). They just took it out of the original packaging, used an exacto knife to remove the original label, and readhered it to the new box. They refused to cover the damage despite the insurance because it was "insufficiently packed." It was in a flight case.
  2. I've read that because the CS-80s were made in a factory where all the workers chain-smoked, you're guaranteed to smell the odor of Japanese cigarettes every time you start up one of those bad boys.
  3. Mini OCD clone? "Hustle Drive"? As in, "If you pay for this, you're getting hustled"?
  4. It'd probably work pretty well. I thought that the Ravish was rather shrill on its own, so something like the Analogizer (or really, just a standard EQ would probably be fine) would work.
  5. Strangely no one yet mentioned the blatant Behringer V-Amp 2 mini clone here. What about the blatant Korg Wavedrum clone?
  6. So this is it? From What's that dude play facebook.. But, yet another prototype. Read somewhere that will be available at the end of March.. Malekko dixit Just like last year Yup.
  7. God, I gagged a bit when I saw the "sweet/sour" dial under "tang."
  8. With the tone rolled back slightly, the Sonic Titan is actually very "smooth."
  9. Gutshot yes, but of what? That's definitely not the same pedal. http://www.wmdevices.com/proj.php
  10. Sommy, sale me yours and get the new one... i am just a bedroom player with enough time to tweak the knobs I'm just a bedroom player, too, but maybe I wiiiiiiiiiiiill. I'll wait for some demos.
  11. Again AAL is terrible. Direwolf or Jarzombek {censored}s on that wank core music. AAL has terrible song structure and is not inventive in any way. The only idea is to play 13/8 riffs inbetween generic sumerian records sounding scene core. The faceless is the only good band affiliated with that label- and only the second rekord You sound like, upset, that this band exists. For the record, I love bad music and think that AAL kills it. They've managed to fool me into thinking that they're actually quite inventive.
  12. Oh, this thread has two pages and someone mentioned Oxes.
  13. Originally Posted by samueldchilders I asked my girlfriend if she could get me a tone job for my birthday.
  14. High headroom compressor? So you mean like, a compressor that doesn't compress?
  15. WMD Geiger Counter Pro http://www.effectsdatabase.com/model/wmd/geigercounter/pro NO MY GEIGER COUNTER WILL NOT BE OBSOLETE
  16. I haven't played one, but the demos sounded alright.
  17. The Big Muff is arguably indirectly responsible for the advent of all cascaded gain circuits, so I'd say yeah, it's up there. Although, I voted "North Korea is best Korea" just because.
  18. I'm a mediocre musician with pretty cool gear. I don't really have an opinion one way or another about it.
  19. I only glanced at his page, but I fully approve of the name "Dr. Balls."
  20. Most dirt pedals sound verry much the same through synths and drum machines impo Gotta disagree. It might be less obvious because the touch sensitivity isn't as apparent, but I think there are some huge sonic differences between fuzzes of varying transistor types.
  21. I'm rearranging my pedalboard for my loopers and samplers. What are your favorite distortions for obliterating drums and samples? I love running everything through my fuzz factory because it makes everything sound like this album:
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