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  1. Neal, thank you. That's a great story and brought a smile to my face. Also, thank you for letting me know your experience with the original Caballeros and Masterbuilts. There's not much information out there about these. BTW, I've always been a fan of not letting the perfect/great stand in the way of the good. Cheers, Patrick
  2. Does anyone have experience with the original or reissue Epiphone Caballero? The reissue looks like about 00 size. And I had an Epiphone AJ200 that Played well, but was just too big. I’m curious. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/EACBANSNH3--epiphone-caballero-artist-aged-natural
  3. Happy New Used Guitar Day! I hope you enjoy the new to you Martin.
  4. Thank you garthman. I'll give that a shot. I that's actually how the Iinstructor in the eMedia Guitar Lessons software does it.
  5. Thank you DeepEnd. I'm playing sitting on a kitchen chair, with both feet on the ground. This morning I tired to be very conscientious about my posture. I also held the neck at forearms length from my body, so the body was diagonal to my body, instead of next to my belly. This seemed to help. It made my wrist straighter, which was more comfortable. It also moved the guitar in such a manner that my right arm was less over the lower bout and more towards the center which helped. I'll keep trying.
  6. I've had the guitar since April, and I really like it. The only problem I'm having is pain in my right shoulder. I play on a kitchen chair, and the guitar feels like a lot to hold. I'm not small either; I'm 5' 10" and have large hands. However, I've had a couple shoulder injuries. I'm debating trying to sell it and get the smaller version. I just need a well playing beginner's strummer to try to play some country on. Maybe it's posture. This has happened before when I had an Epiphone AJ. I should have know better. Any advice? Thanks, Patrick
  7. I've tried learning to play guitar off and on for about 11 years. I want to get a beater acoustic to keep on a stand in the living room, so it will be convenient to practice. I'm more concerned with durability, stability, and playability than tone. I stopped by a Guitar Center last night and tried multiple guitars, including a new Yamaha F335, a new Fender FA-125, and a used Alvarez RD26. I liked the Alvarez RD26. Has anyone had any experience with it? Thanks, Patrick
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