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    i am an amateur musician, playing several instruments since I was 12. I play guitar and other strings (mandoline, banjo, lap steel...), bass, double bass, keyboards (piano, hammond, synths...), percussion, drums and a little harmonica, T-sax, trumpet, flute and whatever I lay my hands on.
    I also record using my console, handheld recorder, interfaces, microphones and a MacBook Pro.


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    Brussels area, Belgium


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    Music (of course), photography (just as eclectically), boating.


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    I run the administration at a small company that has two main activities, pro audio repair and PA an
  1. Don't forget to brush and vacuum the device before starting a repair. Removing dust often helps to properly look at every part, and it's easier to work on a clean instrument.Fan blades usually build up hard dust and dirt. I clean them with isopropyl alcohol or some contact cleaner, and finish with some WD-40. The WD-40 has a "non-stick" quality if you let it dry. Contaminants (soda, beer, champagne... I have seen more than I have tasted) might be a giveaway, and require thorough cleaning. Cigarette smoke will betray itself on the outside by coloration and smell. It can cause malfunctions in di
  2. mnoach

    EKO EVO Gypsy

    I will have the frets filed down, but that's a matter of taste. I'm thinking of installing a PU system, although I don't want to drill a hole for a jack in this genuine acoustic guitar. Maybe a wireless solution will come up? I don't know yet. Currently, I record with a few condenser mics.
  3. mnoach

    Peavey Microbass

    It seems well built, as a larger amp, with properly fitting Tolex, the classic Peavey speaker grille, a sturdy handle, rubber feet, steel corner protections and recessed controls. The power cord is fixed, but there is a means of coiling it neatly at the back. The controls are straightforward, nothing fancy (who cares?), Gain, Low/Mid/High EQ, an input jack (of course), a phones jack that cuts the speaker output and a power switch are all on the front panel.The rear panel boasts the power cord and a speaker output, which I sometimes use as a DI out (through an active DI).I would have liked a br
  4. mnoach

    Bogey AC30R

    I have been playing for over 30 years, various styles, lots of gear. A few more guitars and a bass, amps, a 4-keyboard + piano set up, small PA, recording console. I bought it in an impulse, I was shopping for a bag for my ac bass...
  5. mnoach

    Shure BG 1.0

    Dynamic hypercardio vocal mike. Nothing special to say except you get Shure quality at a very low price (about 50 EUR, 60 USD in Belgium around 1996) I have used it for pop-rock singing, sounds OK.
  6. The 671 is a dynamic hypercardioid mike, I do not have the specs anymore. I bought it new in 1976. Did a lot of stage work with it, bloody reliable. The capsule was ruined once due to extremely rough treatment, and replaced within the week by the Belgian distributor. Very good job. It is a true vocalist mike, used (in those days) by many a professional. When I bought it, I did not know a thing about mikes, let alone brands. I bought it because the owner of my guitarshop (Hill's Music, Brussels) told me it was a very good mike. If anyone is honest in this business, this is t
  7. Description has been given by my eminent colleagues on this forum. I use it for voice, but I am currently testing accoustic guitar and amped guitar as well. Sounds pretty good, proper balance and dynamics. I do not have sufficient experience with a large number of mikes, so I will not detail (bull ??) about it.
  8. mnoach

    Terada FW-720-12

    I have been playing for 30 years, the better part of my life. If it were stolen or lost, I'd look for a similar guitar, I have no hope to find a second one. The sound is great, if you know where to put your fingers or plectrum between the bridge and the fingerboard, there is little you cannot do.
  9. mnoach

    Ibanez 2622 Artist EQ

    I own a few guitars and keyboards. "Is there something you wish you had asked before buying this guitar?" I like this question. Yes, I would have asked why they did not make this a few years earlier. Buy it again if stolen ? I would hunt down the criminal, and make him eat a few Gibsons and Fenders !!! The sound (even without the equalizer on) and sustain are grand. The best part is the flexibility of the sound. I forgot to mention it stays tuned "forever". The only drawback is the weight, it is really heavy. But if you want an exceptional sustain, that's the price to pay. This gui
  10. mnoach

    Stagg A350 Jazz

    I own an Ibanez Artist Equalizer, bought new in 1980, a Terada 12 string Jumbo, new in 1979, a Simon & Patrick SP-6, new in 2001, Yamaha B-212, used in 1976, Fender Champ, used in 1980, several effects, all originals bought new in the late 70'ies. I also play keyboards, a full set-up with 4 keyboards and modules, mixing console, amp, mikes etc. If I had to replace it, I would definitely buy it again, unless I had the money for an Ibanez, or a Gretsch... No regrets, I love it !!
  11. mnoach

    yamaha B212 212 Combo

    If it were stolen or lost, I'd replace it ASAP with another B212. If stolen, I would get the thief and wreck him, if lost, I would kick myself.
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