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    i am an amateur musician, playing several instruments since I was 12. I play guitar and other strings (mandoline, banjo, lap steel...), bass, double bass, keyboards (piano, hammond, synths...), percussion, drums and a little harmonica, T-sax, trumpet, flute and whatever I lay my hands on.
    I also record using my console, handheld recorder, interfaces, microphones and a MacBook Pro.


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    Brussels area, Belgium


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    Music (of course), photography (just as eclectically), boating.


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    I run the administration at a small company that has two main activities, pro audio repair and PA an
  1. Don't forget to brush and vacuum the device before starting a repair. Removing dust often helps to properly look at every part, and it's easier to work on a clean instrument.Fan blades usually build up hard dust and dirt. I clean them with isopropyl alcohol or some contact cleaner, and finish with some WD-40. The WD-40 has a "non-stick" quality if you let it dry. Contaminants (soda, beer, champagne... I have seen more than I have tasted) might be a giveaway, and require thorough cleaning. Cigarette smoke will betray itself on the outside by coloration and smell. It can cause malfunctions in digital gear, mainly where high frequencies are used.Many keyboard mechanisms are greased "for life". But this grease equally picks up dust and hair for life. If the keys are sticky or slow, get rid of the grease. I usually lubricate with either WD-40 (apply on separate parts and allow to dry before reassembly) or some silicone oil or grease.
  2. mnoach

    EKO EVO Gypsy

    I will have the frets filed down, but that's a matter of taste. I'm thinking of installing a PU system, although I don't want to drill a hole for a jack in this genuine acoustic guitar. Maybe a wireless solution will come up? I don't know yet. Currently, I record with a few condenser mics.
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