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  1. I am really only interested in a trade. Does your peavey have the figured birdseye neck/fretboard.
  2. I am interested in the Dearmond. Any case? How much repairs,you said it has soldering iron burns. Where is your local area as I do not know what third coast means(I am in Dayton ,Ohio). Any other issues?
  3. I have another possiability to trade if you are interested. I have a Fender American series Precision bass(ash butterscotch body with rosewood FB) in Layaway at a local music store. It is new old stock. I did not think I would go back to a 5er when it was layed away.
  4. Any issues with the bass(fret work, truss rod not able to straighten the neck, stripped screws,........)? Any interest in trading? Any case?
  5. Any trade interest in a Geddy Lee Jazz
  6. Where are you located at ( I am in Ohio). Also can the action be set low without alot of buzz? Thanks!
  7. Hello, Any interest in a trade for fender american Jazz 5-string same trans orange?
  8. The SRX300 sells new from MF for $329.99
  9. Hello, I have an Ibanez SRX300(medalflake black,rosewood fretboard,2 high output large pole humbucker pickups) I purchased new a few weeks ago for my kids and they have never used it. I added dunlop straplocks and will include a strap and a gigbag for $200 plus shipping. Contact me at slingbass@juno.com Thank you and God bless. Brian
  10. Hello, I know this one was not on your list but I would like to offer my Fender American Jazz 5-string in transparent blond ash body, Pau Feru fretboard, factory deluxe shaller tuners, in near mint condition for your precision bass. I live in the Dayton, Ohio area and would be willing to meet you if you are interested in the trade. Thank you and contact me at slingbass@juno.com.
  11. Let me know if you are still looking for a telecaster,I have a mint MIM 50's Tele. Email me at slingbass@juno.com. Thanks. Brian
  12. Any action issues? Is ther a case or bag?Contact me at slingbass@juno.com
  13. Hello, I have a Fender Classic series 50's Tele I would trade for your strat if you are interested. It is in near new condition with blond ash body,gloss maple neck/fretboard. Contact me thru slingbass@juno.com.
  14. I was wondering if you would have an interest in trading your strat for my Fender Classic series 50's Telecaster? Contact me at slingbass@juno.com.
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