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  1. I think it's gotta be my Boss RC20XL. I could get by without having any pedals at all, but if I were to choose just one it'd be this one. It's a great tool when practicing and when writing. The DMM and SMMH is high up on the list though.
  2. No, the interviewer was swedish. There's a fine line between the two.
  3. I love that Strat. I'm more of a Jazzmaster guy, but that Strat looks amazing. There's just something about white on white.
  4. My copy of Skinny Fists was stolen from my car. At least the thiefs had taste... Look on the bright side of life.
  5. Oooh, what kind of reverb does it do? Springy type, plate, hall, reverse? Wut?
  6. 1967 Gibson ES-330 Around 2000 dollars with today's exchange rate.
  7. LOL Do most of us really "need" half the pedals we've collected? I think he does it to keep from being bored. That's not what I need. As far as I can hear he doesn't need that stuff for the sounds and tones of the My Bloody Valentine songs. When I saw them live he didn't seem to be tap dancing that much either so that's why it's a bit weird to me that uses all that stuff. They all probably sound cool though.
  8. I love My Bloody Valentine, but i honestly don't know why he uses all that stuff. He doesn't really need it. On the records there are just a couple different dirt textures and the odd bit of reverse reverb.
  9. For sale (and possibly trade if it's good enough): Edwards (ESP) E-SA-118LTS: ES-335 copy with SD pickups (SH-2n and SH-14), solid hard maple top, Gotoh hardware and nitro top finish. Red Witch Pentavocal Tremolo HBE Lorba Fuzz (Tuxedo) PM with offers. I'm in Norway by the way.
  10. Wanted: Dr. Scientist Radical Red Reverbator (or other extremely awesome reverb pedal) EHX Small stone
  11. "Heavy Rocks" is pretty straight stoner/doom and it's also one of their best albums. I'm also very fond of "Feedbacker", "Rainbow" and "Amplifier worship".
  12. I love buying and having records (I prefer vinyl), but I feel that filesharing is really good for the development and enjoyment of music. You can check everything out, things you would have never found in a nearby record store and it absolutely fantastic. Kids today can expand ther musical horizon extremely in just a couple minutes by simply downloading an album and it's absolutely wonderful. The people concerned about it because they'll lose money should shut the {censored} up, because if that's your main concern about music you shouldn't even be making music. It's better to have 50 people download one of your records than have 1 person buy it. Who cares how they get it as long as people like and have interest for the music? IMHO and all that of course.
  13. There are good songs on all of them. Not every album is good as a whole, but they all have at least one good song that make them worth keeping.
  14. The thing I like about hollowbody guitars is that it's very easy to create and manipulate musical feedback with them.
  15. You want a Casino. I want a Casino. We all want Casinos.
  16. In the latest issue of Guitar & bass magazine they do a pretty good rundown of humbucker size replacement pickups. Check it out. I would have scanned it for you if my scanner wasn't broken.
  17. I'd have a wall. Guitar: Orange Overdrive 120 on an Orange 4x12 (have the amp, not the cab) Orange Tiny Terror on 1x12 cab (have a clone) Silverface Super Reverb Marshall 1965A Marshall Bluesbreaker RI Marshall Super Lead with Marshall 1960A Victoria 5112 Orange AD30TC combo Headstrong Lil King Fender Vibrochamp (silverface) Bass: Fender Bassman 100 with Bassman 4x12/2x15 cab Ampeg SVT Classic with Ampeg 8x10 cab Orange of some sort. These are all things I realistically plan to buy in the future. In ten years or so maybe.
  18. It needs some pickup covers, but it's nice. I like the look of the old RDs better though.
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