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  1. Installing a Celestion V-70 speaker into this amp sure makes a difference. The Stock Jensen while a nice speaker...Just not a good Match KJ
  2. Any user thoughts Pros and cons KJ
  3. opinions? Just bought a Peavey 112c Cabinet . Having nice tones from this one KJ
  4. Any users and their reviews. I have the Big Box version and a original teal on my board. It retired about 3 other overdrives. KJ
  5. Little trick for effective use..Go inside the pedal. 2 trim knobs. The one lower right..input knob i believe. Turn slightly clockwise , to desired taste.. Evens out the comp.. Makes it VERY sweet KJ. KJ
  6. Dunlop Kirk Hammett Sig Wah. Finally found one with the correct sweep. For me at least
  7. After messin with a couple Roland JC-120 amps and a Fender 1976 Twin Reverb Silverface...I finally came home to this amp.Whats your alls thoughts??
  8. Anyone try this pre amp pedal?. Wow. Great tones through my Fender 76 twin reverb and EJ Strat.
  9. Phil I did use a ISO-5 before and did run a reverse polarity chord to the Empress. I wonder if the ISO is self detecting....??
  10. Can i se this adapter with a pedal that has a positive tip? in this case a Empress Vintage moddified delay
  11. WRGKMC,, Great review.. I am able to dial down the volume courtesy of the master volume. Believe it or not i live in a apt. temp. Am able to practice it with it here. I did test the power tubes. Needs a fresh set. One downsize, It weighs a ton. But I got a dolly and it does have casters.Overall the amp is in great shape for a 76. I assume it sat for a while. New cover original ftsw. Im ready to take it on the gig road KJ
  12. Well i went with a Fender 1976 Silverface Twin reverb KJ
  13. Been playin a deluxe reverb for quite a few years. I can trade it on a brand new Roland JC-120 Jazz chorus amp. Good trade? What say the forum? KJ
  14. Great advise guys but Im baffeled. Had amp checked out by local amp guy. He said Reverb tank bad. OK.. So i get a Mod 17 inch replacement tank. Plug it in .. NOTHING..You can tap on tank and hear a splash. Amp guy checked everything. Input output connections. Pre tube. RCA chords etc. What gives next? KJ
  15. Fender twin reverb 65 reverb problem here. When i got amp reverb worked fine. I Installed tilt back legs on the amp. Ever since reverb has stopped working. Checked the tank all tubes rca jacks. Even tried a different reverb tank. Nothing. Then put that tank back in the other amp and reverb.Existing tank i see no broken wires. Im stumped. What to look for next? Loose wire in chassy.?? KJ
  16. Picked one up today to use with My Fender Bassman 59 Ri amp.Since the Bassman circuit is somewhat like a Marshall Im thinking Plexi- tones. Opinions??
  17. Excellent pedal. Have had it for about 1 month now but havent really dug into it. I play a fender Bassman Amp so the reverb pedal was essential. Has a Echo function to. Anyone else try this pedal?? KJ
  18. One good thing about EHX pedals are they have the ability to go way over the top.. Better to have enough than not/ Kj
  19. WRGKMC Excellent review and concepts
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