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  1. Musicians Friend is blowing these things out right now at $299.00. At that price, there is no better deal on any amp anywhere! Trust me on this on, I've been playing a looonnnnngggggg time. This is by far the most versatile combo amp probably in existance. I've played so many other pieces of equipment I can't even begin to name them all. Nothing has impressed me as much as this amp. NO. I am not employed by Rocktron. I do, however, believe in the products they make and the quality of those products. I don't think pro players would use as much of their stuff if it wasn't good. If this amp were lost or stolen, I would do everything in my power to acquire another one. It is that good. And it sure beats the hell out of carrying my rack around. Two things I would have to say. If you get one, get the midi controller. I use the Midi-Mate. And I do wish Rocktron would come out with a mod for that headphone/direct out. It would be nice to go direct to the PA (which sounds incredible by the way) and still hear the speakers for monitoring purposes but hey, nothing is perfect is it? Do yourself a favor, GET THIS AMP!
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