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  1. I'm not certain I can help, other than confirming that yes, the E-Mu Proteus modules definitely respond to expression via MIDI. And the response is global, not just per patch (so I don't think your answer is in the PatchCord parameters) I have an E-Mu B-3 module which I used to use for that all the time. (I slaved it through a DX21). I have since gotten a Proteus V6 keyboard and moved the B3 board into it, so I don't use expression through MIDI anymore but rather just plug the expression pedal directly. Also, yes, all the Proteus 2000 modules share the same architecture is the same.
  2. Regarding real-time MIDI, I found that if I slaved a module to the DX7 (mkI), it wouldn't send expression pedal values. I got an E! board for it a few years back so MIDI is a different story now.
  3. I'm responding a little late, but, yes I too grabbed a Neutron from Amazon when the price went down (already had the Model D so didn't get one). It looks like the prices are back up now.
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