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  1. I have been playing forever it seems. I've opened up for some big name acts and now have settled into doing a few hundred (if not more) studio gigs each year. I certainly wouldn't say that I'm the greatest player in the world - far from it! Even so, I am sought out enough to where I make a pretty damned good living off of the guitar work I do. I play through a Vox AD120VT that has been reworked (terrible factory workmanship, but a terrific amp once the problems are sorted out). I own 26 guitars including Les Pauls, Strats, an old Dan Armstrong, a '59 ES-345, a very cool '63 Gretsch 6122 Country Gentleman, and even a Kramer aluminum neck prototype model I picked up from their factory in Neptune. On top of that I have a few basses that I've collected over the years. And yet... it's it's own unique way this silly little Squier Tele Custom is able to keep up with most, if not all, of the other guitars I own. It'll never be collectable. It'll never be worth more than a couple of hundred bucks. But it plays well and gives me all I could ask for. How many guitars can make that boast?
  2. Over the years I've owned a ton of amps. The total number has to be somewhere around 60 or so. Of those I have gone through a dozen or more modeling amps. Some (like the Line 6 AX-SYS, for example) were overwhelming with the number of sound options available. Others (like the Fender Cyber) were pathetic in nearly every way - especially the sound quality. I've ragged on the AD120VT a bit in my review but the truth is, the amp is actually pretty good once the reliability issues are sorted out. You do have to crank it a little to get the best sounds but that has to do more with it being a tube amp (as opposed to a solid state amp) than anything else. Overall, I'd give this amplifier a two thumbs up. It could be better. Then again, it is heads and tails more superior than 99.9% of the amplifiers available on the market today.
  3. The Guitar Center just down the road from me has a Sunset Orange Jazz (with the S1 switch) for $700. It is only a month or so old and was a trade-in. I know you have bills to pay and I sympathize with you, but your price is kind of high if a music chain store is selling the same instrument for less.
  4. If you need a boat anchor or a cabinet that will hold up to the most extreme abuse, this is it. It's almost a good thing that more comapnies don't make cabinets like this one. We'd have ten times as many roadies with broken backs. The physical cabinet and construction is the high point of the Road cabinets. If you're after the "perfect" sound, pay another $700 and feel good about yourself.
  5. I have been playing since 1976 so I know my share about guitars. Overall, I have owned nearly a hundred guitars and basses (literally). For some unknown reason, my sister bought this guitar for me as a birthday present. Since then, it has been more of a curse than a gift. If someone stole it I would hoot and howl with laughter. I'd drive around town with my head out of the window listening for the world's worst sound. And when I finally found the source, I'd know for certain that I'd found the thief. I'd ask for his/her name so that I could submit one of those Dumb-Ass criminal stories. I might even head to Hollywood to sell the rights for the story - although no one would ever believe someone could be stupid enough to steal this guitar. Basically, stay away from the FC-10. It was made to fill a low-end marketing position way back in the 70's. It has never and will never be anything more than a bottom of the barrel guitar. For the same amount of money you can get a decent late model classical guitar off of Ebay. The FC-10 is only classical in that it is a classic pile of crap.
  6. Dalewhale

    Washburn Eagle

    I've been playing since 1976. Over the years, I've owned or played just about everything. It'd be hard to name a guitar that I haven't played. That said, the Washburn Eagle is far and away one of the most versatile guitars. Fortunately, I have the resources to buy anything out on the market. And yet, I have chosen the Washburn. If that's not reason enough to look into an old Wings Series Washburn, nothing is. If my Eagle was stolen I would absolutely, positively look for another. I might go with a Falcon though. They're easier to find and other than the binding/fret markers, they are every bit as good.
  7. Dalewhale

    Takamine NP-25C

    I've been playing since 1978. Overall, I have owned over 30 guitars. This acoustic is heads and tails above all of my other acoustics. And that includes a few Martins! I'm not a Takamine fanatic, but this particular model can match up to any Taylor or Martin out there. For a picky SOB like me, that's saying something.
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