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  1. I buy Kramer Pacers and other Kramer USA made ones. text me at 651-387-9160
  2. chrisrzz1012

    WTB : Amps

    I'm looking for either a Jet City JCA 50 /100 or a Bugera 6260/6262 head. You can text me at 651-387-9160
  3. I like this unit alot. If it was stolen I would hunt them down and look for them to buy it back.
  4. This pedal wiill make your amps sound modded with more distortion or overdrive. Get this pedal before they are all gone ( found out not made anymore). The best $20 I spent on my rig in along time. If it would get stolen or lost I would be very pissed off.
  5. I would buy this amp again if it ever comes up missing or stolen. In fact I did buy another one its running EL-77's and it sounds better then the first one. So if your looking out an old school Marshall try out or look for one of these heads they are very good. And they very cheap and easy to mod.
  6. I've been playing for over 25yrs. I had just about every Marshall, Boogie, Peavey , and other Amp known. I was looking for 50watt Marsh-all style amp for my crunchy sounds and it nailed my needs. I would with out any doubt buy another one if mine got stolen. And yes I would hunt them down to get it back. This Amp is that good ( one of the best and under rated amps around). I'll be putting EL-34's in it next. I heard that will make this sound better.
  7. I bought my first one a year ago and well bought another with better and gainer tubes. So that should tell you how much I like the amp. I've been playing 20+ yrs. Its one the best amps for the money. I've owned just about every Marshall,Soldano,VHT,and others. Its better then alot of them one of my top pics.
  8. I've been for 20 years +. I also own 2 Jackson DK-2's , a Jackson PS-2, Charvel Fusion Deluxe, and Ibanez Rg-570. Also a G&L Clymax. this guitar has become my number 1. If someone stole this one they wouldn't last long when I found them. This guitar is that good.
  9. The best thing I bought in along time. It's very worth what I paid for it. I would buy another if anything happens to it. If you want a boost pedal get this one. The MXR and the EH are the worst (actually the MXR didn't work at all). I play hard rock, metal,and blues for over 20 yrs.
  10. Been playing for 20 years. Owned just about every Marshall(except for Jcm-2000). This amp sounds as good or better then any of them.I would replace if stolen, lost, or whatever happens with another one.
  11. I'm having a bad time about which unit is the best for me. I'm either looking at the Line 6 POD 2.0 or the Behringer V-Amp 2. I'll using it for practice/ recording and thru an amp (tube power amp). I already own 2 Carvin x-100b heads ( 1 modded and 1 stock) I use plus cabs. I've owned every mesa mk series and every marshall amps. My sounds I'm looking for are Mesa Mk and Recto series, Soldano, Dumble, Vox, and Fender.
  12. I saw the pic of the carvin its newer than the one I own now. Can't wait to get it . See my review on the Orville LP. Please end me the pic of the amp. Like I said I'm waiting for you tell me how much for shipping.
  13. How much do you want for this head? I'm interested in it.
  14. I'm looking for a X-series or a Valvemaster head. I'm in the market for 2 of them. I currently own a Carvin series 3 X-100 head and a B-52 AT-100 head . Willing to take offers on the B-52.
  15. how much do you want for your carvin? I've been looking for one for a long time. you can email at anytime.
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