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  • Under Surveillance On The Dance Floor

    By HC News |


    Surveillance - Cinematic Dance Loops





    Surveillance - Cinematic Dance Loops from ModeAudio whispers around every corner, quietly flooding the streets with an intoxicating hum that you can't quite find the source of. Uncover the secret with this 513MB collection of intricately constructed, deeply atmospheric music loops and MIDI patterns!


    From towering analog arp loops and looming synth textures, to unflinching basslines, propulsive percussion and drum machine grooves, absorbing washes of noise and beyond, this pack comprises a full palette of hushed cinematic sensibility just waiting to be let loose inside your next track!


    Pull back the curtain and discover the sonic secrets that are only just out of reach - downloadSurveillance - Cinematic Dance Loops and grasp them today!




    Pack Details:

    - 150 Music Loops (Basses, Arps, Synth Chords, Drones, Drums, Percussion & Noise SFX)

    - 112 Synth Tail Samples

    - 120 MIDI Loops (Key & Tempo-Labelled)

    - 100% Royalty-Free


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