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  • This Book Tells You All About The Innovations That Shaped The Modern Electric Guitar

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    Electric Guitars: Design And Invention

    The groundbreaking innovations
    that shaped the modern instrument
    by Tony Bacon



    Montclair, NJ (September 18, 2017) - In his new book, guitar expert Tony Bacon masterfully reveals where the electric guitar's designs have come from and where they are headed next. Drawing on first-hand interviews with guitar makers past and present, the author explains how new ideas can be developed in a world of changing tonal tastes and shifting playing styles.
    Electric Guitars: Design And Invention explores if it is possible to do truly new work, or whether everything has been done before, and offers a unique view of both the vintage and the modern world of the electric guitar. Pairing an absorbing story with ta remarkable set of photographs and memorabilia, the book considers influential ideas such as the 80s movement toward high-performance superstrats by makers such as Jackson, Kramer, and Ibanez, and covers guitar designs that came and went as fashions changed, like the German carve and the guitar synthesizer. The reader will find out why the Telecaster, the Les Paul, the Stratocaster, and the ES-335 became so influential, and why these creations have lasted so long.
    Musicians, artisans, luthiers, and designers alike will delight in this far-reaching exploration of the craftsmen, trends, and technological advances that shaped an industry and countless generations of popular music.
    About the author:
    Tony Bacon writes about musical instruments, musicians, and music. He is a co-founder of Backbeat UK and Jawbone Press. Tony's books include The Ibanez Electric Guitar Book, The Ultimate Guitar Book, and History Of The American Guitar. He lives in Bristol, England.
    Available at Backwingstore.com; MSRP $29.99
    Publisher: Backbeat Books
    Format: Softcover
    Page Count: 176
    Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches
    ISBN: 9781617136405

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