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  • Dean Markley Introduces Extra-Medium XM Strings To NickelSteel Bass™ Signature Series

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    Dean Markley Introduces Extra-Medium XM Strings to NickelSteel Bass Signature Series



    jpeg-18675d42.jpeg.2feb927fbfa19cc27f534c64d4920b09.jpegGLENDALE, AZ — Dean Markley introduces an XM (extra-medium) set to its NickelSteel BassSignature Series of bass guitar strings, ending the wait for players who want their high-quality, medium strings to be a bit heavier. Available in a 4-string or 5-string set, XM bass strings offer the same solid, full bright sound that the NickelSteel Bass brand is known for, and they’re made with Dean Markley’s time-tested process that ensures a smooth feel with long-lasting tone.


    In the 4-string XM package, players will find a set of G, D, A and E strings with gauges measuring .050, .070, .090, and .110 mm. In the 5-string package, players will find the same gauges with an additional low B string measuring .130 mm, now the thickest string in the entire series.


    Dean Markley’s NickelSteel Bass Signature Series is tried and true, having been used by professionals worldwide for decades. The secret to the brand’s longevity is Dean Markley’s intelligent construction and unique approach to compound wiring. Using smaller incremental wire for the wraps allows the manufacturer to use more layers, and more layers mean more mass. Dean Markley uses up to four covers compared to many other manufacturers that simply use thicker wire and settle for less wraps. The core wire dictates the playability of the string, and the way a string is wound will dictate how long it lasts and how it sustains. A small final cover makes the string's surface as smooth as possible.


    Another crucial element is the quality of the material and for Dean Markley, there are no compromises. Each material used has a specific weight that influences tension, so Dean Markley uses mathematical modeling to determine the right mix of core to wrap. Strings can break when the core-to-cover ratio is too small, but when it’s too large, playability is sacrificed. It’s a very fine balance, and Dean Markley has achieved it yet again with new XM gauges.


    Learn more about the NickelSteel Bass Signature Series and other guitar string innovations at www.deanmarkley.com.




    About Dean Markley USA 

    Established in 1972, Dean Markley USA is recognized as an innovator and leader in the world of musical instrument strings. Over the years, the company has expanded its product line to include guitar amplifiers, pickups and accessories. Celebrated by retailers for their sales performance and endorsed by an elite caliber of musicians, Dean Markley products are the smart choice. Visit www.deanmarkley.com to learn more.



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