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  • BandLab’s Education Platform Completes Beta, Now Available To All Teachers For Free

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    BandLab’s award-winning education platform successfully completes beta, now available to all teachers for free



    NASHVILLE, JUNE 28, 2018— BandLab Technologies today announced that its award-winning Education platform has successfully completed Beta testing, and is now available to all educators for free. Teachers and educational institutions can access the full platform at edu.bandlab.com.



    BandLab for Education is a music creation and collaboration platform allowing students and teachers to work together on any web-based tablet or computer. With features inspired by professional software tools but designed for everyone, BandLab for Education opens access to award-winning music technology at no charge to educational institutions.



    BandLab for Education’s creation tools put the focus on student-generated content, in line with the 2014 Recommended US Music Standards – which emphasize Creating and Responding to music as key learning goals alongside Performance.



    The web-based platform allows students and teachers to:

    • Start making music straightaway with over 100 built-in virtual instruments including keyboards, synths, drum pads, strings, wind instruments, and more. Students can get up and running immediately, with or without physical instruments.
    • Build their understanding of music production principles. BandLab for Education’s Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) is easy to use for beginners, and offers familiar features for students who want to dive deeper.
    • Make their school workflow seamless. BandLab for Education supports all file formats including mp3, .wav, .acc, or .ogg. It also works with Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton, Garageband and more. Importing or exporting tracks has never been easier.
    • Track progress easily. The teacher-only interface view allows educators to clearly set, manage, track & grade assignments. Students can track and submit their work via the cloud anytime, anywhere.
    • Work in a safe COPPA and FERPA-compliant learning environment. BandLab for Education’s closed environment is COPPA and FERPA-compliant. The teacher is always in control of the virtual classroom with oversight of what’s happening - whether that’s 1-1, in small groups, or across multiple classes.


    Meng Ru Kuok, CEO of BandLab Technologies, said: “The demand for our product in beta confirms that music educators want to integrate new creation tools in their classrooms, but might not know where to start or have the budget to adopt new technologies on a large scale.



    By tearing down financial barriers of access and simplifying the learning curve for DAWs, BandLab for Education offers a solution that helps teachers focus on what they do best – encouraging the best possible work from their students. Already we’re seeing some great use cases powered by BandLab for Education in middle schools, high schools and colleges. We’re incredibly excited to see what students and educators are going to create on our platform now that it’s in full launch.”



    BandLab for Education plans to include integrations with learning management systems such as Google Classroom in the near future. Although built to be a standalone platform, BandLab for Education is part of an overall BandLab product family which includes the open-to-all version of BandLab, and the BandLab Link series audio interfaces that connect instruments directly into mobile phones, laptops and desktops.



    BandLab for Education is available for free. To sign up, view teacher tutorials and find more information, visit https://edu.bandlab.com.





    ● Teachers can create unlimited Classrooms

    ● A single Classroom can support up to 50 Students

    ● Teacher can create Classroom Announcements, set Assignments, and track and grade the progress of each student

    ● Secure, COPPA and FERPA-compliant environment for children

    ● 2,000+ free MIDI and Audio loops spanning Trap, R&B, Hip Hop, Orchestral, Glitch, Indie, Pop, House, Electronica, Ambient, Disco, Grime, Dubstep, Blues and many more

    ● MIDI Hardware is fully supported

    ● More than 100 virtual instruments including keyboard, drum pad, strings, wind instruments, drum set and more

    ● Live recording via instrument or microphone input

    ● Cloud-based - students and teachers do not have to worry about accidentally deleting files as they are easily recoverable

    ● Advanced features include automation, panning, FX editing and more

    ● Recommended age for use: 9 years and above








    About BandLab Technologies

    BandLab Technologies is a collective of global music brands with a vision to connect the world of music. Together, our brands share a passion. We’re driven by integrating the physical, digital and social supply chain, to enable better experiences, opportunities, and connections for all music lovers. BandLab, the group’s flagship digital product, is a social music platform that enables creators to make music and share the crea tive process with other musicians and fans. Other notable brands within the portfolio include Rolling Stone, the world’s leading voice in pop culture and music since 1967, MONO, an award-winning music lifestyle product company, and Swee Lee,  Asia's leading online retailer and distributor of musical instruments and pro-audio brands.Established in 2016, BandLab Technologies is headquartered in Singapore. For more information about BandLab by Cakewalk, visit  https://cakewalk.bandlab.com .

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