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  • Nord Beat 2 available - MIDI Step Sequencer for iPad

    By HC News |

    The new Nord Beat 2 for iPad has been updated to support 6-tracks to accommodate our new 6-channel Nord Drum 2 Modeling Percussion Synthesizer (www.norddrum.com).
    Other new features include MIDI Clock Sync in/out -  for synchronizing other MIDI gear (or iPad apps) to the Nord Beat 2 sequencer. This also lets you slave and control the Nord Beat 2 tempo from external gear such as a DAW, hardware sequencer or another iPad app.
    Nord Beat 2 also supports Virtual MIDI and Networked MIDI and can be used to sequence other iPad apps by routing the MIDI output to the desired app.  
    Another great addition is the new Step Modifiers that can add FLAM, 32th or 32th triplets to any step in the sequencer. 
    See the Nord Beat 2 app in action here (connected to the Nord Drum 2 via an iRig interface)
    Nord Beat 2 feature list:
    • 6-track MIDI Step Sequencer
    • 8 Patterns
    • Flexible cueing system
    • 3 Velocity levels
    • Adjustable Pattern Length (1-16)
    • Shuffle
    • Copy/Paste patterns
    • Mute per track
    • Tap Tempo
    • Pad Mode with velocity support
    • Load/Save song with program change NEW
    • Flexible MIDI output routing NEW
    • Flam, 32th and 32th triplets NEW
    • MIDI Clock sync NEW
    Nord Beat 2 works on any iPad running iOS 5.1 or newer.
    A Core MIDI compliant MIDI interface is required for connecting Nord Beat 2 to external MIDI gear.


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