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  • KOMA Elektronik Strom Power System For Eurorack

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    Introducing the KOMA Strom Power System for Eurorack


    Berlin, 15 Sept 2017: In anticipating of a full line of KOMA Elektronik modules, we had to first cover all the basics. After the release of the KOMA Elektronik Case System earlier this year we are very happy to announce that starting today the new KOMA Elektronik Strom Power System for Eurorack is shipping!


    The KOMA Elektronik STROM Power System consists out of three modules:


        •    KOMA Strom

        •    KOMA Strom+

        •    KOMA Strom Passive 


    Strom is a strong, reliable and cost effective power solution for the Eurorack modular system. Both Strom and Strom+ modules offer short circuit protection, a replaceable fuse and an ultra low ripple on all rails. The input voltage is 15V DC (we offer a high quality 15V PSU from CINCON in our bundles) and the output to the modules is 1,5A on both +12V and +5V rails and 1,0A on the -12V rail. It can be used with normal busboards and flying busboards.


    STROM+ additionally offers our new Current Sensing Technology. It gives the user visual feedback of the current consumption in the case. The status LED’s on each rail will turn orange once the current consumption is approaching it’s maximum load. Once the rail’s maximum load has been reached, or has gone over, the LED will turn red. 


    One active module can power up multiple skiffs thanks to the Strom Passive Module that distributes the power and can be linked to an active or another passive module with the two link connectors on the front panel of the module. 


    MRSP Pricing:


        •    KOMA Strom Module (99EUR incl. VAT)

        •    KOMA Strom+     Module (139EUR incl. VAT)

        •    KOMA Strom Passive Module (29EUR incl. VAT)

        •    KOMA Strom Busboard (35EUR incl. VAT)

        •    KOMA Strom Bundle (+ PSU, Flying busboard) (149EUR incl. VAT)

        •    KOMA Strom+  Bundle (+ PSU, Flying busboard) (189EUR incl. VAT)


    KOMA also offers powered cases with the new Strom System. The KOMA Elektronik Strom Power System is immediately available from the KOMA Elektronik website (www.koma-elektronik.com) and selected resellers worldwide.




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