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  • New Software Generates Massive Buzz For Indie Artists

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    New Software Generates Massive “Buzz” For Indie Artists



    (Phoenix, AZ) It’s been said in the Public Relations Industry that few if any publicists enjoy a completely positive relationship with editors, journalists, media professionals, and their clients. It's also been said that attempting to get one of these publicists to work on behalf of an Indie Artist is almost impossible and extremely expensive. That's exactly why the developers at Automated Marketing Success created it's newest software, the Indie Buzz Pro


    “ We felt that there was a huge need for something to assist Indie artists get eyes and ears on their music”. Stated Patrick Zanders. The talent world wide is amazing and with the industry not reaching out to these artists, we took it upon ourselves to make this happen on autopilot”.


    Zanders went on to state, “Indie Buzz Pro is an amazing piece of software that is a simple download on any windows computer. Once installed (with a click of a button), the artist simply signs in to YouTube and searches their preferred type of music. The software then pulls up every video in that genre. Here is where the magic happens. The software then asks you to write a comment...something like...If you like this rock ballad, check out ours at www.whatever.com. The software now sends this comment to each and every video in that genre”. “It's easy to see how you are targeting the right kind of listener for your type of music. This can be done daily too. It''s an amazing resource for the indie artists that wants to create a buzz with breaking the bank”! The one time fee price tag for the software is $129


    Patrick Zanders and the developers over at Automated Marketing Success are currently working on a few other pieces of software to assist the Indie artists in promoting themselves on a dime and with more force than any publicist ever could.


    For more information you can contact Patrick Zanders via their website at http://www.automatedmarketingsuccess.com

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