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  • Moaxis App Now Available for Apple OS X: Now You Can Get Your Mobile Text Messages, Phone Calls and Alerts/Notifications on Your Mac

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    Lithia, FL -- Apr 24, 2014 / (http://www.myprgenie.com) -- A revolutionary new mobile app called Moaxis is changing the way we interact with mobile phones. With Moaxis, your most used mobile phone features can be accessed through your computer, tablet, TV, gaming consoles and more without ever having to pick up your phone. Perfect for multi-taskers, this app makes it possible to always stay connected even when your phone is in another room or on sile nt. Wouldn't it be great if you could quickly and easily answer phone calls and receiveand send text messages from your computer? You can with Moaxis and this smartphone app is currently available for a free beta download for Android users (iPhone coming soon). Previously compatible only with Windows computers, Mac users are now able to download the host software for Apple OS X. Moaxis will continue to expand their compatible devices throughout the year.

    Moaxis is the only mobile app available today that offers voice, text messaging, alerting, and notifications all in one package. With so many great features, Moaxis can be used by students, entrepreneurs, business executives, busy parents or anyone who needs the ability to check on their phone without actually having to use their phone. Moaxis will span multiple devices and operating systems such as Apple's iPhone and iPad as well as Android phones and tablets, Mac computers, Windows computers, Windows mobile, Samsung SmartTV, Sony Playstation, and many more to come. 

    Instant Call Notification

    When your phone rings you can see who's calling right from your computer, tablet, TV and gaming console and answer or send the call directly to voice mail. With Moaxis you can keep your phone on silent, in your pocket, on the nightstand and never miss a call again.

    Hands Free Calling

    With Moaxis not only can you see who's calling but for compatible blue tooth devices you can answer and place calls without having to use your mobile phone. 

    Best of all, your contacts are synchronized across all your Moaxis enabled devices allowing you to make phone calls by name. 

    Receive and Respond to Text Messages 

    Moaxis allows you to get your text messages on your computer, tablet, TV, and gaming console. In addition you can instantly respond back and sendtext messages from your computer using your full size keyboard. Say goodbye to eye strain and thumb cramps forever.

    Alerts & Notifications 

    Moaxis extends your phone's alerting and notification capabilities to your Moaxis enabled devices. Regardless of where your phone is, you can experience the convenience of getting important alerts and notifications immediately. 

    Whether your monitoring the changing weather conditions, waiting for your favorite game to notify you, or just waiting for your friend to tweet you back, Moaxis will keep you updated and informed on your computer, tablet, TV and gaming console. 

    Easy Filters

    In today's world there is no shortage of phone alerts and notifications coming your way. While all the alerts and notifications will still be shown on your phone, Moaxis provides an easy way to block alerts and notifications to ensure only the ones you want will be sent to your Moaxis enabled devices. 

    As a top mobile app for business professionals and entrepreneurs, download the Moaxis beta app for Android and the host software for Windows or Mac here: http://www.moaxis.com/downloads/

    About Moaxis 

    Moaxis Technologies Inc. is a group of innovative entrepreneurs who have set out to solve some basic everyday mobile inconveniences we all face. The group has extensive experience in software and mobile development, security applications, cloud infrastructure, and know what it takes to launch successful new products. Moaxis takes the most used mobile phone functions; voice, text, and alerting & notifications and extends them to your computer, tablets, TV, and gaming consoles allowing you to interact and experience mobile in a completely new way. We do this through a combination of a mobile app that runs on your smartphone and software programs that run on Moaxis enabled devices. Now you only have to use your mobile phone when you actually need it -- while you're on the move. Visit www.moaxis.com.

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