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  • Harmony Central Introduces New Logo, Seeks to End Confusion Among the Lovelorn

    By HC News |

    —Normally no one would care, but the reason is actually kind of interesting—


    Nashville, Tennessee -- Harmony Central has announced a new logo design that acknowledges the community’s roots, and solves a persistent problem. “We were doing fine until e-Harmony came along,” explains Harmony Central Director Dendy Jarrett. “But when people found out I was with Harmony Central, the first question they always asked was ‘Well, hey, can you fix me up with a date?’ We thought maybe a new logo would get across that we’re a music site, and not a place for desperate singles to exchange embarrassing photos online and make up stories about their awesomeness.”

    In the first logo from 1995, a half-note provided the “o” in Harmony. The new logo incorporates the sleeker typeface of more recent logos, but adds the note back in to distinguish the site as a music destination.

    Jarrett continues, “Even a small change can have significant meaning, and it was important that the logo reflect our ongoing commitment to help the Harmony Central community make better music. Which ironically, may help lead to a romantic relationship anyway.”

    About Harmony Central:

    Harmony Central is the world’s premier web destination for musicians, and is known equally for its vibrant community, in-depth articles, unbiased reviews, and hundreds of thousands of user reviews. In continuous operation since 1995, it was acquired by Gibson Brands in 2015 with the mandate to remain a neutral, public-facing site dedicated to helping people create, perform, and enjoy music. www.harmonycentral.com

    For More Information, please contact:

    Dendy Jarrett -Director | Harmony Central Communities djarrett@harmonycentral.com


    new logo:


    old logo:


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