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  • EarMaster 7 Released

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    EarMaster ApS just released the 7th installment of its award-winning music theory trainer EarMaster on PC and Mac. EarMaster 7 provides musicians and music schools with a complete set of interactive exercises for ear training, sight-singing practice and rhythm training at all skill levels.




    Egaa, Denmark, November 15, 2017 – The Danish company EarMaster ApS have just released a new version of their music theory and ear training software EarMaster. EarMaster 7 is a complete overhaul of the company’s staple software which was nominated earlier this year at the NAMM Tech Award in the “Best Educational Tool” category. EarMaster 7 benefits from all the ground-breaking technology developed for the recent EarMaster App released on iPad last year, and combines it with years of experience and user feedback into a modern and efficient tool for music theory training.



    EarMaster 7 includes more than 2500 interactive music theory exercises covering ear training, sight-singing and rhythm training. The users are met with practical activities where they are learning to recognize chords, scales or intervals by ear, to transcribe musical pieces by ear, to sight- sing scores with real-time evaluation of their pitch and rhythm accuracy, to sing back melodies, to clap back rhythms, to complete melodic and rhythmic dictations, etc.



    Among the most noticeable new features is the addition of a complete music theory course for beginners covering all the core aspects of music theory and ear training. This course is a perfect introduction to the various concepts of music theory, as company owner and lead developer Hans Lavdal Jakobsen remarks: “With its learn-by-doing approach, users put what they just learned into practice right away instead of being left with mountains of abstract concepts”. Other highlights include a new pitch detection algorithm, revised standard and Jazz courses, a new statistics tools, a completely revised user interface, and hundreds more improvements.


    ”I have been a big EarMaster fan for many years!”

    Damien Nolan, Guitarist for Pete Townshend (The Who), Skunk Anansie, VV Brown, Katie Melua and more.



    The exercises of EarMaster 7 are made available through a series of courses and workshops for all skill levels, including a special set of workshops for Jazz. The lessons included in EarMaster 7 have been designed by music teachers from renowned music schools and cover most levels, from beginners to advanced. They have proven to be a perfect tool to prepare for AP Music Theory, ABRSM, RCM, Trinity and similar exam standards.



    With this new version 7, EarMaster ApS continues its work that aims at giving easier access to exercises that are normally reserved to musicians enrolled at a music school. It also strives to change the popular perception of ear training and music theory, as Quentin Nicollet from EarMaster ApS confirms: “Ear training and music theory are the easiest way to become a better musician, but most music students and musicians dislike them, to put it nicely. We live in a time where everything must go fast, but mastering ear training and music theory takes a lot of time and dedication. That’s exactly why we make EarMaster, a tool that makes music theory training easy, motivating and efficient”.



    English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, and more on their way.



    A free version of EarMaster 7 is available from EarMaster.com. It includes a 15-lesson introduction to music theory for beginners, as well as 2 customizable ear training exercises to learn to recognize chords and intervals by ear.


    A Pro version containing all the features of EarMaster 7 is available as download and in a box from authorized dealers. The suggested retail price is 59.95€ (including VAT) in the EU and US$59.95 + tax in the USA and the rest of the world.


    Multi-seat licenses are available to households as a Family Pack for 3 computers, and to educational institutions as a Site license from 5 seats and up.


    EarMaster 7 is also fully integrated with EarMaster Cloud, a subscription-based solution for music schools which includes user licenses for students and teachers, and the synchronization of EarMaster results and assignments via Cloud technology.




    EarMaster ApS is a Danish music software company founded in 1994 and located in the city Aarhus, also dubbed as ”the city of smiles” or ”the world's smallest big city”. What drives our company is a passion for music in all its shapes and colors. Being musicians ourselves, our mission is to develop high quality software that helps the advance of music education.


    Useful links:

    EarMaster website: www.earmaster.com

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/earmaster

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/earmaster

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