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    VUE Expands al-12 Line Array with Flyable Subwoofer

    By HC News |



    Coming off a highly successful 2017 that saw notable deployments with acts such as Kendrick Lamar, and N.E.R.D., VUE will use this week’s NAMM show to unveil the latest addition to its al-12 Line Array - the al-12SB Flyable Subwoofer.

    Designed for seamless integration with VUE’s flagship line array, the al-12SB dramatically expands the al-12’s versatility by delivering powerful and well-defined low-frequency reproduction to below 35 Hz. The al-12SB’s flyable enclosure features versatile rigging options for suspension above or behind al-12 arrays in a variety of configurations, including cardioid arrangements. The al-12SB can also function as the base of a ground-stacked al-12 array, or as a stand-alone subwoofer array in a variety of flown or ground-stacked configurations. 

    Driver compliment includes a pair of all-new 18-inch transducers designed specifically for use in the al-12SB. Featuring a large neodymium magnet structure with 5-inch (127 mm) diameter voice coils for exceptionally high power handling and reduced power compression.

    The al-12SB enclosure is exactly the same height and width as two al-12 line array elements for aesthetically seamless integration. Road-ready materials include top quality birch plywood coated in the same durable 12-step Dura-Coat LX finish as all al-Class systems. Extensive interior bracing ensures resonant-free low-frequency performance, while a machined, powder-coated steel grille with acoustically transparent lining provides ample driver protection.


    Integrated suspension hardware ensures that the al-12SB is perfectly configured for use with virtually any al-12 Line Array System in both flown as well as ground-stacked configurations. Recessed handles, skids, and a top-mounted 20mm socket even allow the al-12SB to be used in portable configurations. Front and rear-mounted Neutrik® Speakon sockets provide easy input and output connection regardless of configuration.


    Optimal performance is achieved when the al-12SB is used with one of VUE’s VDrive Systems Engines. Custom al-12SB configuration settings are available via SystemVUE software specifically for a variety of al-12 /al-12SB array combinations. 


    “As the al-12 continues to gain fans, the need for more advanced configurations that can address a broader range of applications is expanding as well,” remarked VUE CEO Ken Berger. We’re extremely excited to continue the rapid evolution of the al-12 while empowering our users with versatility and system performance that extends well beyond traditional line array limitations.” 


    al-12SB Highlights

    • Integrated rigging and optional fly bars allow the al-12SB to be flown above or behind al-12 acoustic elements, as well as a stand-alone, flown low-frequency system
    • Skids and versatile hardware allow for easy ground stacking with al-8 acoustic elements
    • Versatile flying and ground stack hardware allow the al-12SB to function as the base of a ground-stacked array, as a stand-alone flown subwoofer array, or fully integrated at the top of an al-12 flown array. 
    • Optimal performance is achieved when used with VUEDrive Systems Engines
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