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  • ThaLoops Releases Steinway Grand Piano B211 Virtual Instrument

    By HC News |

    ThaLoops has released Steinway Grand Piano B211 virtual instrument fine tuned for hip hop, rnb and pop music producers.

    The piano was sampled in a world class studio in Europe through the legendary SSL 4000 console and the finest pre-amps using 3 pairs of the top quality microphones such as legendary AKG C12, Brauner Valvet and Neumann U-87 placed in an acoustically precise room in order to obtain the genuine piano sonics.

    Featuring 5 velocity layers per note of almost 3.5 GB individual 24-bit samples virtual instrument inlcudes “Close Sound” and “Distant Sound” presets. As an extra, the team also developed the Hip Hop Baby Piano preset for lead melodies great for hip hop productions.

     “ThaLoops Steinway Grand Piano” is offered as a download, priced at $39.95.

    For more information, please visit the website at http://www.thaloops.com/steinway-grand-piano-b211-vst




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