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  • Pêle-Mêle Works Lights Up The Keyboard With “VISUAL PIANO”

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    Pêle-Mêle Works lights up the keyboard with “VISUAL PIANO”



    The Visual Piano series puts the fundamentals right at your fingertips and in plain sight, whether you are a learner or an experienced player. Four books for scales and modal scales make up the series, complete with scale patterns on the keyboard, fingerings, and other information. Visual Piano requires no music reading and can serve as a standalone reference or as a complement to any piano method, in any style (classical, jazz, rock, blues, etc.).


    Visual Piano is available now. For additional information on the books, go to: www.pelemeleworks.com



    About Pêle-Mêle Works

    Pêle-Mêle Works develops and publishes music instructional products for students, teachers, and practising musicians. For more information, visit: www.pelemeleworks.com



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