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  • Bolder Sounds Releases The Best Of Bolder Collection for the Korg KRONOS

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    Bolder Sounds brings its Best Of Bolder Collection sample library to the Korg KRONOS music workstation. The BOB Collection is a 9 volume, 1.5 GB comprehensive sample library which covers a wide variety of musical genres. This collection is offered Korgs EXs proprietary format, which allows users to download the demo versions of each volume with the audio level periodically fading out - codes are then provided by Korg with purchase of each volume lifting this restriction.

    Best Of Bolder Collection for the Korg KRONOS volume descriptions.

    BOB - American Folk
    Bolder Sounds unique collection from the plucked family of American Folk Music features 2 Steel String Guitars, Autoharp, Bluegrass and Fretless Gut-Strung Banjo, Mechanical and traditional Hammered Dulcimers, Mandolin, Mandola and Mandocello.

    BOB - Bolder - Celtic Pipes
    Celtic Pipes featured in this library include 2 Scottish Highland Pipes, Irish Uilleann Pipes and Pub Pipes (a smaller set of droneless pipes sometimes referred to as Shuttle Pipes).  Sampled articulations include flutter and grace notes as well as a number of ornaments from the Scottish Highland Pipes which are triggered by velocity switching.  Also included are numerous varieties of drone samples including the signature sound of the strike in of the Highland Pipes.

    BOB - Crystals
    This ambient collection offers 3 sources of beautiful crystal glass samples featuring 8 Crystal Glasses, 6 Quartz Meditation Bowls and 1 Large Bell Shaped Crystal. Articulations include crystals hit with a variety of items ranging from mallets and wood dowels to coat hangers.  Sustained samples were created by using a wet finger rubbing on the edge on the Crystal Glass and a wood dowel on the Meditation Bowls to make them sing.

    BOB - Early Music
    The Early Music library features 7 instruments representing four different musical eras - Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque and early Classical.  Instruments included are Renaissance Lute, Baroque Lute, Theorbo (bass lute), Renaissance Guitar, Harpsichord, Fortepiano and the Hurdy Gurdy.

    BOB - Granular
    This unusual collection features software generated soundscapes including Evolving Tonal and Atonal Textures, Lush Pads, Evolving Noise and Percussive FX. Sample sources include guitar, gongs, psaltery, conch shells and metal sheets to name a few.

    BOB - Miscellaneous Instruments
    This library contains an eclectic mix of instruments and sound FX from Bolder Sounds. Instruments included are Classical Guitar, 3/4 size Upright Bass, Acoustic Bass Guitar, 2 Fretless Bass Guitars, Steel Drums, Celtic Harp, Bassoon, Jazz Guitar, Electric Guitar Volume Swells and Wind Chimes.  The sound FX included are Rain Storms with Rolling Thunder and Lightning Strikes, Spring Drum, Bullroarer and a Water Kit from common household sources.

    BOB - Pianos Prepared and Pure
    The Pianos volume  features samples from two contrasting pianos with bright and dark tonal characters.  Also included are various Prepared Piano samples taken from the bright grand piano.  Unique Wave Sequences were created by combining standard piano samples with Prepared Piano samples.

    BOB - Slate Rocks
    7 suspended Slate Rocks in various sizes offer rare percussion kits for your tracks.  The Slate Rock multi samples are divided into categories including Sharp and Soft Attacks, Mixed articulation maps, Slate Rock Menu maps and Spread Out mappings for maximum flexibility of pitch options.

    BOB - World Music
    A virtual World Music festival from Bolder Sounds.  Plucked instruments include a Cavaquinho from Brazil, a Thumb Piano from Africa, a Saz and a Lute from Turkey and the groovy 1960's Electric Sitar from the United States.  Wind instruments include South American Flutes, Didgeridoo, Native American Flutes and the Duduk.  In the percussion category we have Tabla, Darbuka and Persian drums.

    Best Of Bolder Korg KRONOS Specifications
    1.5 GB sample library for the Korg KRONOS workstation.

    Option 1 - user buying any 1 library on sale for $29.95 (retail $34.95). 
    Option 2 - A four pack (of their choice) for $99.95 (retail $139.80). 
    Option 3 - Or the entire BOB Collection on sale for $159.95 (retail for 9 volumes would come to $314.55 - based on the individual the retail price of $34.95 per volume). 
    Available on at the Korg Store - https://shop.korg.com/kronosSoundLibraries

    Audio Demos - 

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