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    Dean Markley Releses New Signature Series Strings for Bass Guitar

    By HC News |

    Dean Markley Releses New Signature Series Strings for Bass Guitar


    5359a0c441acf.png.ba18fcffae82371e0040bbd5b7e3b163.pngGLENDALE, AZ– Dean Markley announces the release of the new Signature Series strings for bass guitar.  The Signature Series utilizes a nickel plated steel, slowly wound over a hex core with a unique core-to-wrap ratio.  The new series is available in an assortment of gauge sets for four and five string players.  The new line is now available through authorized retailers and distributors.


    Quality craftsmanship is a benchmark of Dean Markley and the Signature Series strings strive to exemplify this tradition.  By crafting the wrap wire over a hex core, the wrap wire is able to provide 100\% contact with the core insuring maximum transfer of tone and sustain.  The additional benefit of a unique core-to-wrap ratio helps guitarists bend strings more easily while maintaining proper tension and staying in tune during performance.


    Long preferred by the majority of rock new country players, nickel plated steel provides highly magnetic tones by using a steel core and wrap.  The wrap wire is electroplated with pure nickel.  The steel allows for better output and durability while the nickel provides a softer surface to the players touch, resists oxidation better, is easier on fret wear and helps balance out the overall tone.


    MAP for four string sets is $14.99 USD

    MAP for five string sets is $18.99 USD


    For more information go to  www.deanmarkley.com.



    About Dean Markley

    Established in 1972, Dean Markley USA is recognized as an innovator and leader in the world of musical instrument strings. Over the years, the company has expanded its product line to include guitar amplifiers, pickups and accessories. Celebrated by retailers for their sales performance and endorsed by an elite caliber of musicians, Dean Markley products are the smart choice. www.DeanMarkley.com

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