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  • Lifetime Guarantee And One-Year Return Policy For All AweSome Products

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    Lifetime Guarantee And One-Year Return Policy For All AweSome Products.




    Detroit, Michigan, December 5, 2016

    AweSome Musical Instruments now gives their electric guitar and bass upgrade product customers a Lifetime Guarantee on all its "core" Pickup Switch Upgrade™ products.  Customers will also enjoy a One-Year Return Guarantee on all upgrade products purchased from their website.



    All of their "core" Pickup Switch Upgrade™ products – either purchased separately or part of an instrument upgrade – now comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.  If any of their switch products ever fail, they will repair or replace it. See their AweSome-Guitars.com website FAQ for details.  



    AweSome Musical Instruments also now offers an unprecedented One-Year Return Guarantee on all of their electric guitar and bass upgrade products.  This means that you can use your incredible AweSome Upgrade for an entire 365 days. If you don't agree this is the greatest product ever, return it for a refund — no questions asked.

    Both their Lifetime Guarantee and One-Year Return policy are retroactive to all 2016 customers.



    Who Are These AweSome People?


    AweSome Musical Instruments huge family of 76 Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products are designed to give you all the additional hidden pickup tones that you cannot get from your stock electric guitar or bass.  They have created the ultimate in "Lego-like" easy-to-connect-and-use upgrade parts for all electric guitar and bass models to give you more pure analog pickup tones from your instruments.


    You can get more information at:  www.AweSome-Guitars.com


    Our Upgrades Give Your Pickups Hammond B3 Drawbar Versatility™


    We're not just light years ahead of everyone; we are completely in the next galaxy.

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