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  • Korg Releases New Rimpitch- C Tuner

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    MELVILLE, NEW YORK, September 4th, 2014 --- Korg introduces the newest of the Rimpitch family: Rimpitch-C. Much like its predecessor Rimpitch, it attaches directly to the sound hole and now features a new chromatic scale. Used for a broad range of tuning, the Rimpitch-C discretely detects the vibrations of the guitar with the speed and accuracy of any well-established tuner.
    The Rimpitch-C attaches easily to the lower side of most acoustic guitars. This enables the player to check the tuning meter at the closest possible distance within their natural angle of vision. Since the tuner sits in the sound hole, it is conveniently placed where only the performer can casually see it, making it virtually unnoticed by the audience. This is the ideal for musicians who don't want to appear to be using a tuner during a live performance.

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