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  • Fishman TriplePlay 1.4 Announced

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    Fishman TriplePlay 1.4 Announced


    New TriplePlay Software Version 1.4 is now available.
    TriplePlay 1.4 Features:
    • New library folders in the patches window
    • MIDI thru to all plugins and external hardware
    • Multi channel Mono and Single channel Poly modes can be chosen on a pre patch basis
    • Editing options are shown when right-clicking on patches
    • Patches window now includes additional Hardware Patches that are saved to the TriplePlay controller.
    • Hardware Patches are automatically saved to the controller after renaming a patch, reordering patches, or clicking the “Save” button.
    • Double-clicking the “Hardware Synth” button underneath the mixer channel opens the TriplePlay controller parameters window.
    • Increased patch load speed
    • Improved Splits functionality
    • New graphic interface
    • Improved patch creation and patch editing features
    • Improved plugin stability
    • Improved DAW functionality
    • Improved multi-instance efficiency and stability inside a DAW
    • Added FC-1 functionality inside a DAW
    • Improved FC-1 MIDI CC configuration utilities
    TriplePlay v1.4.104 | TP Firmware: 2.33/1.85 | FC-1 Firmware: v1.5
    TriplePlay v1.4 is compatible with Windows 7 and above, and OS X 10.8 and above

    For more information or to download this update, please visit:



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