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  • Fishman Ships Fluence� Single Width Pickups

    By HC News |


    Andover, MA––Fishman is now shipping the highly acclaimed and eagerly anticipated new Fluence Single Width pickups with Humbucker models to follow soon after.


    Totally re-imagined, Fluence are fully analog active pickups that are combined with Fluence Core printed “coils” and feature true Multi-Voice electronics to consistently create idealized versions of the classic and customized sounds guitarists demand. Unlike passive pickups made with traditional wire-wound coils, Fluence pickups are not susceptible to spurious noise, hum, cable capacitance problems, loss in tonal response and clarity due to small volume changes and other inductive issues.

    The unique Multi-Voice feature in every Fluence pickup allows players to transform their individual pickups from vintage to hot, or from hot to “line-in” clean with the right level, balance and gain for each voice. Fluence pickups let you control your volume without sacrificing high end or clarity.


    Fluence is also the first pickup system to eliminate two of the main reasons many players avoid going active—battery cost and implementation. When coupled with the Fluence rechargeable Lithium-ion battery pack, time between charges is literally weeks instead of hours. And, when the battery is low, there is no need to remove screws, pickguards or other “trap doors.” Just plug in a standard USB charger and another 200+ hours of playing time is on tap. A standard 9V battery can also power Fluence pickups.


    Fluence Single Width Pickup Pricing

    PRF-STR-WH1 White Single-Width Pickup for Strat: 142.79 List and 109.95 Street
    PRF-STR-BK1 Black Single-Width Pickup for Strat: 142.79 List and 109.95 Street

    PRF-STR-WH3 Set of 3 White Single Pickups for Strat: 292.14 List and 224.95 Street

    PRF-STR-BK3 Set of 3 Black Single Pickups for Strat: 292.14 List and 224.95 Street

    PRO-BPK-FS1 Rechargeable Battery Pack for Strat: $133.27 List and $99.95 Stree


    For more information about Fishman Fluence, please click to www.fishman.com



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