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  • ADA’s New GCS-6 Stereo Guitar Cabinet Simulator DI With Aux In And Headphone Output

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    ADA’s New GCS-6 Stereo Guitar Cabinet Simulator DI with Aux In and Headphone Output


    CONCORD, CA – AUGUST 8, 2017 – The New Stereo GCS-6 adds to ADA’s line of analog cabinet simulators and processed DI boxes, and features two independent cabinets, stereo HEADPHONE OUTPUTs and a stereo AUX IN for silent practice.  The GCS-6 replaces the physical combination of speakers, cabinets and microphones used in live performance and recording with consistent and “real world” guitar cabinet simulation in a small steel enclosure suitable for pedal boards and DAWs.  The GCS-6 features a unique set of unconventional filters tuned to the natural acoustic resonances and frequency responses of mic’d guitar speaker cabinets.  The GCS-6 is inserted between the output of a preamplifier, power amp or pedal board and a recording interface or PA system.  The GCS-6 includes two independent LEVEL controls with LED monitoring meters to optimize performance.   The XLR OUTPUTs are compatible with phantom power, and a pair of 20dB INPUT PADs and PASS THRU jacks allow for direct connection to power amp outputs.  


    Front panel controls for:

        •    British or American Speaker

        •    10 or 12-inch Speaker

        •    Vintage or Modern Cone and Magnet

        •    Open or Sealed Cabinet

        •    Mic Placement

        •    Input Select for each Cabinet

        •    Full-Range DI or Cab Sim



    The GCS-6 puts the guitar player back in control and keeps their tone consistent from gig to gig as well as in the studio.   


    Made in California, housed in a rugged all-steel enclosure (5.4” x 4.2” x 1.8” LxWxH), using the highest quality components, the GCS-6 comes with an AC Adapter and a one-year parts and labor warranty.  The GCS-6 can also be powered by a 9VDC pedal board power supply rated at 200mA.  


    For more information and a listing of our dealers, please visit our website or our Facebook page at: www.adaamps.com and  www.facebook.com/ADARocks .


    The GCS-6 is competitively priced at competitive $219.95.  Available worldwide.










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