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  • A New Way To Flick Your BIC

    By HC News |

    fireslide Guitar Slide
    Who'd have imagined?

    Imagine playing "Ain't Misbehavin'" or, for that matter, "Lazy Song" or "The Wind Cries Mary" on slide guitar. With all the right harmonies. In standard tuning.

    Imagine being able to gracefully morph between sliding and fretting. And combine sliding and fretting in a single gesture. Using moves you already know if you play barre chords.
    Imagine the device that lets you do this is breathtakingly simple and inexpensive. And it comes in a rainbow of colours.
    Imagine it sounds great!! Lush attack and warm, long sustain. And suddenly slants are almost easy…
    Imagine the fireslide. $15 Canadian plus S&H or $20 US delivered to the USA.
    If this tickles your imagination, check it out at fireslide.ca -- demos and lessons.
    The fireslide is crafted and sold by Doug Gifford, a musician in Gananoque Canada.



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