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  • Soundtrack Loops Releases Halloween Themed Dj Drops and Sound Effects

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    October 28thh 2013 Denver CO - Soundtrack Loops Releases Halloween Themed Dj Drops and Sound Effects


    Digital Nightmares is a set of vocal bits, dj drops, and sound effects for Halloween and beyond. Voice actor Johann Smit performs some scary vocal drops, groans, growls, and other paranormal sounds. This set also includes creepy children's voices, female screams, creepy laughter, long speeches, side-chaining Zombie moans, looped phrases, looped vocal drops, twisted creatures, sound effects, creaky doors, creaky floors, thunderstorms, doors slamming, and much more. Some of the looped phrases say things like "Get on the dance floor", "Welcome to the dance floor of fear", "Make them scream", "lose your head", and "Get up and dance" all in a dark and disturbing Halloween Dj voice. There are a total of 157 files just waiting to get mangled in a mix. Also includes a bonus all original Halloween theme song for customers to use freely in their videos and performances.


    Formats: (24-bit 44.1kHz Stereo): ACIDized .wav.


    Price: $13.99


    Digital Nightmares is available to download from the Soundtrack Loops website.

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