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    New BYOC Phase Royal Modular Phaser Kit Released

    By HC News |


    New BYOC Phase Royal Modular Phaser Kit Released





    The BYOC Phase Royal is a true modular phaser.  The part of the circuit where the actual phase shifting occurs is on its own separate module board, meaning you can change out the module to create completely different styles of phasing.  
    The 4-Stage JFET Module is based on the MXR Phase 90 and features NOS 2N5952 JFETs and 4 separate single op-amps.
    The 8-Stage JFET Module is similar to the 4-Stage JFET Module, but has twice as many phase stages for phase shifting that's twice as deep and intense.
    The Optocoupler Module is based on the Ibanez Flying Pan FP-777 and uses dual element optocouplers for the phase shifting. 
    The 4-Stage OTA Module uses dual operational transconductance amplifiers to produce a 4 stage phaser similar to the EHX Small Stone.
    The input knob allows you to pair the Phase Royal perfectly with single coils, humbuckers, or line level signals, and the output knob insures that your levels are always exactly where you want them.   The Regen knob allows you to add regenerative feedback creating a more vocal, wah-like sound.  The mix knob controls the ratio of wet and dry signal.  The depth knob controls the intensity of the phase shifting.  The rate controls the speed of the phase shifting.  The rate can also be controlled by a standard expression pedal.
    Save when you buy more modules!
    One module - Included with the kit starting at $109.99
    Two modules - Discount the second to $22.99
    Three modules - Discount the third to $20.99
    Four modules - Discount the fourth to $18.99


    Click here for more info
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