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    Montreal's SFM will become the first North American distributor of Animals Pedals

    By HC News |



    MONTREAL, Quebec ─ Montreal's SFM will become the first North American distributor of Animals Pedals.


    Founded in 2015 by LEP International Co., one of Japan's premier effects distributors, Animals Pedals (formerly Ninevolt Pedals) is an affordable line of effects that pairs unconventional names and creative, ursine-centric graphics with straightforward functionality, simple layouts, intuitive controls, and arrays of impressive sounds. The brand's line-up includes a trio of pedals designed by Marc Ahlfs of California's Skreddy Pedals.


    “We are very excited to introduce this species of effects to North America,” says Erik Lind, Brand Manager of SFM’s MI business unit. "Animals has generated some very well-earned buzz overseas, and we know their recipe of quirkiness, reasonable prices, and tasty tones will appeal to discerning players in our market. Animals adds another component to SFM's growing assortment of complementary effects pedals brands, and we're extremely excited for the opportunity to build the Animals Pedals brand in the USA and Canada."


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