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  • Catalinbread Effects Goes Limited Edition Pink (Breast Cancer Awareness Month)

    By HC News |

    From Catalinbread Founder Nicholas Harris-


    In the late 1980s my grandfather was diagnosed with a form of cancer that sometimes even doctors don’t realize is possible for a male to get. Breast cancer. It was quite a shock, luckily my grandfather had some of the best healthcare available to him at the time. He was able to find a doctor who could perform the mastectomy without promising him the loss of his entire arm. He’s lived a full life since then, cancer free. Myself and my family have been blessed with his presence.


    Fast forward a quarter century there is still no cure. Nearly every electronics device you could fit into the trunk of your car back then is an app on your smart phone, but still no cure. Many people have had their lives completely changed in this time. And not everybody is fortunate to have the healthcare that my grandfather had available to him. So when I decided to release 4 Catalinbread pedal models in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month I knew that I needed to choose a charity who provides resources to the less fortunate and pushes forward toward a real cure. I chose a charity that provides screening and treatment for breast cancer. Therefore, I called Komen Oregon to ask how Catalinbread and our fans can help in October!
    We’re offering 4 of our top selling pedal models in pink! Each pedal will be hand signed, dated and numbered X of 25.
    Our goal is to raise $5,000, but with your help I think we can do a bunch more! Catalinbread will contribute 50\% of each sale to Komen Oregon. Please join us!
    - Nicholas Harris, Founder


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