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  • Amptweaker Release Lefebvre TightFuzz LTD Fuzz Pedal

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    Amptweaker Lefebvre TightFuzz LTD Fuzz Pedal


    Cumming, GA, Dec 6, 2019

    Introducing the new Lefebvre TightFuzzTM Limited Edition Fuzz. For 5 years bassist Tim Lefebvre has been using the Amptweaker Bass TightFuzzTM to record and tour with many artists including David Bowie, Tedeschi-Trucks, Empire of the Sun and recently The Black Crowes. The Lefebvre TightFuzz fuzz is tweaked to give the user Tim’s favorite setting when the knobs are all straight up. This Tim’s ‘always on’ tone, and sometimes he kicks the Fuzz all the way up for heavier tones.

    The pedal starts with the Germanium output transistor, for a warm amp like breakup, and is set for the 60’s tone from the original Bass TightFuzz. The Tone knob is great for dialing down the fuzziness to get small tube amp tones, and Amptweaker’s popular Tight knob adjusts the chunk of the attack to help control the flubby low end typical of a fuzz tone.

    Low gain tones are easy to achieve, thanks to the Auto Bias that adjusts with the Fuzz control, yielding the cleanest and nastiest distortions possible with one control. Special input circuitry simulates the guitar, so active effects and pickups can be used in front....very important for bass since many have onboard EQ.

    The Dry Low knob was developed by Amptweaker to give bass players the ability to blend in dry low end, which helps prevent the typical loss of low end that happens in most distortion pedals.

    Includes effects loop with Pre/Post switch to add delay or other distortion/EQs to further tweak the fuzz. Other features include LED illumination of controls, Battery On/ O switch, and magnetic battery access door.


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