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  • TRX® Adds Lightning™ And Thunder™ Effects Cymbals

    By Phil O'Keefe |


    TRX has announced an expansion and upgrade to its exclusive Special Edition line: the Special Edition KX Thunder™ and AX Lightning™ Crash cymbals. Offered in 16˝ and 18˝ models, the new, vented cymbals bring TRX’s popular, specially designed hole pattern to its midpriced line. The cymbals have a unique, trashy sound when used alone or stacked and are recommended for everything from traditional Jazz and R&B to Rock, Pop and Metal.


    To learn more, visit the TRX website at www.trxcymbals.com or contact the TRX Cymbal Co. LLC at 818-751-3257, sales@trxcymbals.com.



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