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  • Simmons Unveils Breakthrough SD2000 Electronic Drums

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    Simmons Unveils Breakthrough 
    SD2000 Electronic Drums

    Simmons has taken the next step into the future of drumming, introducing the SD2000 Mesh-Head Electronic Drum Kit. This incredibly expressive instrument delivers an impressive palette of unique signature sounds, while offering a wealth of sound design features, outstanding playability, and on-the-fly control. And the SD2000 marks the return of founder Dave Simmons to Simmons' product development and sound design efforts.
    The SD2000 is the first Simmons kit to feature advanced, tension-able SimHex® mesh pads with variable attack response technology for expressive performance and nuanced playability. Each SimHex drum is fully adjustable to personal playing positions, thanks to Simmons' new Spherical Isolation Mounting System™ (SIMS), which helps to eliminate crosstalk. The SD2000's triple-zone (center and two rim zones) SimHex mesh snare allows even more creative triggering options, while the low-profile rubber pad rims provide a superior, natural playing angle. The kit comes with Simmons' HEXX™ Rack, one of the strongest and most durable anodized aluminum racks with diecast mounts on the market.
    This advanced new kit goes far beyond traditional acoustic and electronic kits when it comes to sound design, providing unprecedented creative control. To begin with, the SD2000 sound module delivers the Simmons Signature Sound Library, an expansive sound collection that features a plethora of famous, recognizable vintage drum sets from decades past, as well as many contemporary kits. The library was captured with era-specific recording techniques for unsurpassed authenticity throughout.
    gc-simmonssd2000-2-c5a832b5.jpg.d33462e71e60887a68685804910cfe79.jpgIn addition to acoustic kits, many classic sounds from famous Simmons vintage gear were painstakingly recaptured for this series. Dave Simmons himself was instrumental in curating and capturing the most sought after vintage Simmons sounds that drummers crave. The library also includes an extensive collection of world percussion, giving the SD2000 the largest selection of sounds in the electronic drum market. Want even more? Add your own "real world" samples to your kits for a nearly limitless personal library of samples and soundscapes.
    The sound module offers a variety of other best-in-class features as well, including a large, full-color LCD screen that provides intuitive access to its sounds and settings. A built-in performance mixer allows players to control volume, EQ, and pitch, as well as to shape and apply filters on the fly. A USB port provides playback of WAV and MP3 files from a USB drive-great for performance and practice-and allows WAV file recording for personal performance evaluation.
    The SD2000 kit includes the 11-inch, triple-zone, SimHex mesh snare; three 9-inch, dual-zone SimHex mesh toms; and a 9-inch mesh bass drum with nonslip stand. Cymbals include a 13-inch, dual-zone, choke-able crash; 15-inch, triple-zone ride; and 12-inch hi-hat.
    gc-simmonssd2000-3-0739b412.jpg.1ce2aca039acd638bf25436dc27d6db1.jpgKit expansion is possible with the Simmons' SD2000 Expansion Pack, which provides another 13-inch, dual-zone crash cymbal; a 9-inch SimHex® floor tom; and mounting hardware. The SD2000 Sound Module sports two extra trigger inputs designed to accommodate the SD2000 Expansion Pack components.
    "I know the word 'revolutionary' is used a lot with respect to new products but it's entirely appropriate for the SD2000," observes Simmons Brand Director Jim Norman. "This is is the most advanced electronic drum kit we've ever made, and when you add the Expansion Pack, you can create more patterns, more sounds, and more playing options than with any previous Simmons electronic drum kit. Added Dave Simmons, "we're truly excited to offer unprecedented sound design opportunities to players who are looking to really push the envelope of what a drummer can be."

    The Simmons SD2000 Mesh-Head Electronic Drum Kit is available now at a street price of $1,299.99, and the SD2000 Expansion Pack is available at a street price of $299.99. For more information visit www.simmonsdrums.net or your favorite music retailer.
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    About Simmons Drums


    The first name in electronic drums, Simmons has been at the forefront of innovation for more than 40 years, offering the finest in cutting-edge, feature rich kits. From touch-sensitive pads and selectable velocity curves to the most extensive MIDI and USB implementation, Simmons has always been a leader in the electronic drum experience. To learn more, visit www.simmonsdrums.net or your favorite music retailer.


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