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  • Sakae Drums Displays Celestial Series Drum Kit

    By HC News |

    WINTER NAMM SHOW, ANAHEIM, CA, January 23rd, 2014 - Sakae Drums is displaying their new Celestial Series drum kit. Well-suited for any genre, the Celestial kit is available in a choice of finishes and hardware. Proprietary Sakae sound-enhancing technology-featured throughout the kit and hardware- is customized for each drum in the series.

    The series' two-ply, hybrid shells consist of exotic African Bubinga wood on the outside, with North American Maple on the inside. Placing the harder Bubinga wood on the outside at the bearing edge enables it to better express the superb attack and projection for which it's known.

    Celestial kits are offered in a full complement of drum diameters, and with a choice of rims. Each drum features high-quality hardware-from heavy-duty transmit and union lugs, to isolated cradle mounting systems, to heavier-gauge snare strands, and more.

    For richer, more expressive sound, all drums feature Sakae's Chamber Specific Technology (CST), which consists of four components:

    Shell thickness - On smaller diameter drums, thinner shells enhance resonance and tone. For larger diameter drums, the opposite holds true - a thicker shell adds a desired bottom end with a larger "sweet spot" playing area.
    Shell Plies - Harder woods (such as African Bubinga) add superb attack and projection to the shell while also bringing more "high-mid" frequencies. This helps smaller drums cut-through the music and gives lower drums more power.
    Shell Bearing Edges - A sharper edge on smaller drums allows more of the harder Bubinga wood to make contact with the head. For larger diameter drums, rounded bearing edges helps to control excessive overtones and sustain.
    Shell Wood Type - harder woods on the outside ply of a shell produce the most expressive sound

    The Sakae Celestial drum kit ships with high-quality Remo drumheads, and is currently available with U.S. Street prices starting at $5400.

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