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    Innovative cymbal-maker SABIAN has announced a special one-time-only sales event to mark the end of a very successful run of Cymbal Vote. For 3 consecutive years, Cymbal Vote allowed drummers from around the world to choose the cymbal-maker’s product offering.  With only 12 models advancing to become winners, that left approximately 24 others without enough votes to go into regular production – like the Chris Dave 18” AA Sick Hats and the 21” HHX Smoky Ride.


    For the first time ever, these and all the other very cool Cymbal Vote “non-finalists” are available for purchase – but only while supplies last. SABIAN has announced that once they are gone, they are gone forever, so this is your Last Call to pick up one of these truly unique and innovative cymbal models!


    Visit www.cymbalvote.com for a complete list of available cymbals and where to buy them.



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