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  • New AAA Deluxe Cymbal Case From Protection Racket

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    New AAA Deluxe Cymbal Case From Protection Racket



    Protection Racket is pleased and excited to announce the new A6021 Deluxe Rigid Cymbal Vault is now available and in stock. They company believes its innovative design, which brings together more than twenty years of knowledge, experience and craftsmanship, makes it their finest cymbal case yet.


    The new deluxe cymbal vault takes storage and transportation of cymbals to another level with Protection Racket’s no compromise Triple AAA – Access All Areas – All Accidents Averted – drum case technology. It comes with a fully rigid, lightweight polycarbonate frame, meaning it is tough, impact resistant and lightweight, weighing in at only 4KG / 8.8lb.


    Inside, cymbals travel in style, wrapped in Propile™ Fleece and protected by Rocket Foam™ in the eight internal compartments. Each one has fibreglass inserts for rigidity and can fit cymbals up to 24” in size. Plus, hi-hats and splash cymbals fit snuggly into well-protected pockets on the inside of the case lid.


    This hardwearing bag (RRP £163.99, $227.99, €207.99) is completed with indestructible zips, waterproof luggage tabs, a central handle, Progrip™ handles front and back for easy lifting and a padded shoulder strap. In addition, the case’s open back panel has a zipped pocket allowing it to be attached easily to any luggage trolley.


    Protect your best with the best! Check out the Deluxe Rigid Cymbal Vault at http://www.protectionracket.com/news/item/aaa6021-rigid-cymbal-vault

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