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  • Mogees Lets You Play The World

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    Mogees Lets You Play the World!

    Sensor+Intelligent Software Transforms Anything Into a Musical Instrument

    June 14, 2016, Grants Pass, OR: Hot off a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign and rave reviews from the BBC, Wired, CNN, and other major media, musical performance sensation Mogees is making its North American debut this month, shipping to MV Pro Audio dealers across the U.S. and Canada. Perfectly suited for musicians, DJs, performance artists, and music-tech enthusiasts in general, Mogees transforms any object into a musical instrument, opening up an entire world of new creative music-making. Turn a tree into a harp; a table into a drum kit; a chair into a MIDI controller. The possibilities are endless!

    Mogees Makes Music! Using the system is as simple as attaching Mogees to an object and its output to your iOS or OSX (AU) device. (Windows VST version coming soon.) When you "play" the object---for example, tapping, hitting, scraping, or brushing it---the resulting vibrations are transformed into signals that can trigger the Mogees software's built-in synths, be mapped to external MIDI devices, recorded in your DAW, and more. 

    Unlike traditional instruments, Mogees lets you freely define both your playing technique(s) and the resulting sounds. Using advanced machine-learning technology, the software recognizes and distinguishes between the different types of gestures you create, such as scratches, taps, or strikes. A thump with your thumb might trigger an 808 kick, while taps with your fingers trigger the snare and scrapes fire cymbals. A complement of easy-to-use tools allows the gesture recognition to be refined and the sonic results customized. MIDI Input lets you re-imagine and perform existing tracks live, with note pitches controlled via MIDI while their triggering is controlled in real time. MIDI Output allows you to play back your own samples, trigger clips, control effects, and more with your gestures, effectively letting you turn any object into a MIDI controller as well as a playable instrument.

    Current Mogees software includes a physical modeling synthesizer, 808 and retro electro-percussion drum machine emulations, and a steel string resonator. Additional synthesizers are in development and will be released on a regular basis, with the new sound engines made available at no charge for Mogees owners.

    Mogees is easy enough for novice musicians to learn in minutes while being deep and versatile enough to be incorporated into any pro instrumentalist's setup. Drummers can greatly expand their control over triggered sounds; singer-songwriters can add live beats and sound effects to their performances; DJs can unleash real-time control of Mogees to engage their audiences both sonically and visually; anyone looking for a unique, fun, and thoroughly gratifying musical experience can attach Mogees to whatever object strikes their fancy and begin making music right away! With a street price of only $139.99, Mogees is an extremely affordable way to expand your music creation and performance capabilities, and makes a great gift for musicians of all ages and aspirations.
    Contact MV Pro Audio at www.mvproaudio.com for information on where to buy Mogees.
    Retailers interested in carrying Mogees should contact MV Pro Audio at sales@mvproaudio.com
    Play the world!

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