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  • Grover Pro Introduces EQlipse™ “Dual Apex” Snare Drum

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    Grover Pro Introduces EQlipse™ “Dual Apex” Snare Drum


    WOBURN, MA — Grover Pro Percussion, world leader in high quality percussion products since 1980, has unveiled a radically unique new concept in snare drum technology.


    The Grover Pro EQlipse Dual Apex is the ONLY drum that provides TWO INTERCHANGEABLE BEARING EDGES:

    1. Double 45-degree edge for a bright contemporary sound
    2. 2. Rounded edge for that traditional, dark vintage tone


     Blended Wood & Metal Shell Characteristics

     Grover Pro SX Non-Spiral Snares

     10-ply Cross-Laminated Maple Shell

     Grover Pro Sound Mirror™ internal finish

     Single-Point “Bow Tie” lugs

     Trick Throw-Off

     High-Gloss Ebony Lacquer Finish


    Central to the EQlipse sound is a metal tone belt which amplifies transient frequencies, providing the drum with a focused and powerful tonal range.


    “I learned a lot about transient response when I worked for Acoustic Research in the 70’s”, stated Grover Pro Founder and President Neil Grover. “The transients produced by a rim shot on this drum contain an enormous amount of high frequency energy”. He added, “What’s unique is that players who want a darker sound can easily reverse the top bearing edge to get a rounder, more mellow sound profile”.


    Available in standard 5” x 14” and 6” x 14” sizes.


    Custom requests can be made at GroverCustom.com.

    Model G1-EQ-5E MSRP $ 799

    Model G1-EQ-6E MSRP $ 839



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