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  • Grover Pro Introduces “KeeGeeTM” Piccolo Snare Drum

    By HC News |

    WOBURN, MA — Grover Pro Percussion Inc., Massachusetts-based world leaders in high-quality professional percussion products, announces the release of a new piccolo snare drum.

    The new Grover Pro KeeGeeTM model drum is the only piccolo snare drum whose snare response extends down beyond the ability of the ear to detect! Surprisingly, this drum also possesses a powerful “bark” when pushed to the upper dynamic limits!

    The “KeeGee” moniker is taken from the very soft orchestral percussion excerpt from “Lt. Kijé Suite” by Serge Prokofief. “This is difficult passage is required material on virtually every major symphony percussion audition, aspiring professionals spend hours perfecting this important excerpt”, stated Grover Pro’s Founder Neil Grover.

    Measuring a slim 3” in depth by 14” diameter, this drum provides drummers a standard playing surface allowing them to produce a wide array of timbrel sonorities. The effortless execution of soft passages is facilitated by the shallow shell depth and the proximity of Grover’s Silver Performance Snare Wires to the playing surface.

    Unveiled by St. Louis Principal Percussionist Will James at the recent PASIC ’14 show in Indianapolis, one attendee commented, “I heard this drum in Mr. James seminar – fabulous sound, great articulation”.

    Model GSK-314-N natural finish MSRP $ 500 Model GSK-314-E ebony finish MSRP $ 500

    Sales inquiries contact:
    David Share (781) 935-6200 x203 dshare@groverpro.com


    Grover, Grover Pro, Projection-PlusTM, KeeGeeTM and Super-OvertoneTM, are trademarks of Grover Pro Percussion, Inc.


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